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Venus And Mercury Conjunction In Second House

Effect of Venus and Mercury Conjunction in 2nd House

1)Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 2nd house we have to know about Venus in 2nd house and Mercury in 2nd house and Mercury and Venus Conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and Charming by look. He may be looking younger than his actual age. He may has beautiful eyes. His eyes may be naturally attracted opposite gender person. He may be centre of attraction in his circle and crowed.

3) Native may has sweet, pleasant and attractive speech. He may be good orator. He may be very intelligent in using words and good oral learning ability. He may be very good in singing, music or poetry. His overall learning capacity may be good.

4) Native may be wealthy. He may be interested in luxurious life styles. He may be born in rich family. He has good comfort of foods and others necessary things of life. Native may has good commercial property and flats.

5) Native may be business or money minded. He may be expert in marketing & sells. He may be very good in financial calculations. He may be very good in negotiation of any matters on self favors. He may be getting profit via woman. He may be interested in fashion industry.

6) Native may be sensual from nature. He may be interested in friendship and flirty from nature. He may has multiple affairs. He may be using double meaning words.

7) Native’s wife may be looking beautiful. She may be clever and intelligent. She may be pleasant in speaking. She may be belongs from any friend circle and relative’s family.

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