Moon And Venus Conjunction In First House

Moon and Venus Conjunction in 1st house

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon and Venus conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Moon in 1st house, Venus in 1st house and Moon and Venus conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and charming by look. He has attractive and fair look. He may looking younger than his actual age. He may has short height. He may attract opposite gender people. He may has beautiful and attractive eyes.

3)Native may be emotional and sensitive by nature. He may be soft and kind from brain. He may be respective by nature. He may be pleasant by nature.

4) Native may be romantic and flirty by nature. He may be sensual by nature. He may has disturb marriage life. He may facing some blaming by ladies.

5) Native may be fickle minded. He has stable mind but materialistic approach in the brain. He may be money minded. He has very good negotiation quality. He has be peaceful from mind and try to settled his dispute by settlement. He may be wandering by nature.

6) Native may be extremely comfort lover. He may be inclined towards luxurious life styles. He may be rich and wealthy. But his financial condition may be unstable. He has huge materialistic desires. Native may be getting taking loan or debits. He may easily getting loans.

7)Native may has natural artistic talents. He may loves music, dance or others arts related things. Native may be getting success in artistic acts.

8) Native may has sound health. He may be suffering from cold & cough related issues. Native may be suffering from lungs related issues. He may be suffering from mental problem. He may be suffering from hormonal problem.

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