Mars And Jupiter Conjunction In Third House

Mars And Jupiter Conjunction in 3rd house

1) Before knowing the effect of Mars and Jupiter conjunction in 3rd house we have to know about Mars in 3rd house, Jupiter in 3rd house and Mars and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and full with physical strength. He may be fully energetic person. He may be powerful person.

3) Native may be hard worker person. He may be full with goal directed energy and attitude. He never defeated in any war. He may be expert in war tactics. He has power to struggle bad phase of his life.

4) Native may be clever and wise. He may be very clever in actions. He has good name and fame. He may be good in learning and knowledge.

5) Native may be egoistic and rigid by nature. He may be wicked and involved in sinful acts. Native may be greedy in nature. He has fully materialistic approach towards life.

6)Native may be expert and aggressive in communication. He will be quickly communicate. He may be speaking in sincere nature. His voice has natural power to command and attract others. He knows how to use the words.

7) Native’s siblings may be reputed person. Native may be getting support with his siblings. His siblings may has good advising power. Native may has good faith on his siblings. His siblings may be in government jobs.

8) Native may be fortunate and wealthy. He may getting good success in money making. He may be very good writer. He may be getting success in poetry.

9) Native may has medium distance travelling. He may goes for religious travelling.

10) Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from high blood pressure. He may be suffering from cholesterol related issues.

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