Mars In Third House

    Mars In Third House


1)Before Knowing Effect of Mars In 3rd house first we have to Know about Mars and 3rd House. So You may read this

Commander In Chief Of Planet—-

Third House Power house of Your Horoscop—

2)Third House Genraly belongs to Strength,Younger siblings,short travel,Communication.
Mars belongs to Power,strength,violence,action etc.
Mars In Third House is consider very good for native.

3)Strength—-Third House belongs to Strength and Mars is Karak of Physical strength so native have great physical strength. Native may be full of working energy. So they don’t hesitated to do physical work means they may be hard worker. Native may be brave, courageous,Powerful. 3rd House mars indicating native may don’t defeat in war or fighting means a undefeat quality.
So native may have a goal directed energy regarding work because third house is 1st Karam house of horoscop.Mars In 3rd also indicating native have power to struggle through bad position of Life. If mars is not good or afflicted then native have less strength. With such less strength native may be doing wrong action and show there violence unnecessary way such as committed suicide or harm other.

4)Younger siblings—Mars In 3rd House is not good for siblings because a famous rule in astrology “Karko Bhav Nasaya”. Mars is Karak of siblings so mars in third house give evil effect regarding Siblings. There may be unnecessary controversies between siblings due to mars in 3rd House. If mars is afflicted then it prove bad regarding siblings.Native will try to rule over siblings this may also create problem with siblings. So may be not good relation between siblings and native. A bad placed mars indicating Loss of siblings but for this bad effect there must be a chain of indication in horoscop.

5)Travel—-Third house belongs to short travel and Mars belongs to medium distance so native may travel medium distance during dasha of Mars. Mars also belongs to accidents or injuries so native may be suffering from accidents during Travel. But negative results only occurs when Mars is afflicted.

6)Communication—Mars is belongs to Faster and quicker so Mars In 3rd native may be show quickness in communication. This may be some time created problem regarding native but overall it is good .Native may be clever and wise. But there I am first attitude may be negative quality.

7)Mars In Third may be give native to Name and fame.

8)Native may be earn good wealth and become rich. Because Mars give power to work hard and any work they want to do.

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