Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 5

Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 5 

41) Any planet who is lord of kendra will leave his natural significant in the sense of natural benefice or malefic. Means natural beneficial is not assumed as natural benefice or natural malefic is not assumed as malefic.

Trine house lord is consider always auspicious.

If lord of 3rd, 6th and 11th house lord is natural benefice than always consider functional malefic.

8th house lord is only beneficial if it is also lagan lord, otherwise 8th house lord is consider always bad.

If Sun and Moon is 8th house lord then also not so much bad.

From the above ways we have to determine auspicious planet, as per as sage Parasara auspicious planet will give good results during dasha.

42) If trine house lord placed in kendra or kendra house lord placed in trine than it is consider very auspicious or yogkaraka. During the dasha-antardasha of each other, planet will give best auspicious results.

43) All planet in their own dasha in own antardasha is not gives very good or very bad results. This period is assumed as general regarding results.

44) Regarding consider mahadasha and antardasha results we have to taking consideration of this point in mind

a) whenever karak dasha has karak antardasha then gives best auspicious results

b) when marak or akarak dasha has marak/akarak antardasha then gives worst results during dasha

c) when karak dasha has akarak antardasha then not giving very good or very bad results and vice versa.

d) If akarak dasha has yogkarak antardasha then we don’t except very good results.

e) If Planet dasha has their friends antardasha or his same nature  planet antardasha then it will improve own results( either good or bad)

f) If planet dasha has their enemy planet antardasha or opposite nature planet antardasha then it will give very general results.

45) If kendra and trine house lord is making relationship with each other then it is consider best yogkarak dasha. Even those house has also house lord of evil house then also become yogkarak in above case.

46) If strong trine lord is making relationship with strong kendra lord then it is consider yogkaraka.

47) If any planet has lordship of kendra and trine in same time then it is consider yogkaraka. If that planet is making relationship with another trine house lord then it will be a best yogkarak planet.

48) Even a natural malefic planet is associated with yogkarak planet then also during dasha or antardasha of Papi planet and yogkarak will gives good fortune. Or vice versa.

49) There is a very genral rules, mahadasha of trine lord and antardasha of kendra house lord is consider auspicious and vice versa if associated to each other. Even not associated then also dasha and antardasha will be little auspicious.

If both and kendra house has not having any dosh( 6th,8th or 12th house lord or not having any evil influence) then dasha having those antardasha is very good.

If both having dosh then dasha having those antardasha will give very general results.

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