Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 3

Phaldipika Chapter 20 part 3 

21)  All the matters which is explained in previous chapter related to planet’s live hood, disease, conjunction of bhav lord, effect of bhav lord, aspects of planet, effect of planet in different bhav, etc is given by planet  will be consider during their dasha. If planet is strong in strength then during dasha, improve bhav significant, if weak then reduce bhav significant.

22) If planet is vargottam and associated with auspicious sign and house then during own dasha will give very good results.

If planet is vargottam and debilitating or combust then also during their dasha able to give mix results in place of worst.

If during dussthan lord mahadasha their is antardasha of dussthan lord then it will give sorrows to native.

If any planet is placed in dussthan, then during dasha of that planet, if antardasha of planet placed in dussthan or dussthan lord then also bad results is possible.

23) If dasha of cruel planet and antardasha of planet who is Viptat tara(3rd), Pratyari (5th), and Vadha(7th) tara from birth star then sorrows, fear from thief or enemies, bad incidents is possible. Same sorts of bad results is possible during dasha of cruel planet and antardasha of birth star lord or 8th house lord or vice versa.

24) In mahadasha of birth star lord if Saturn antardasha is 4th or Jupiter antardasha is 6th, or Mars or Rahu antardasha is 5th, or planet who is last at last degree in sign or dussthan lord antardasha may be generally sorrow giver.

Note it will be possible in Mars-Saturn, Venus-Jupiter, Ketu-Mars, Venus-Rahu dasha.

25) If Mars in an Urdhvamukha sign( 12th or 8th from sun),or in his sign of exaltation and  be posited in
the 10th or 11th house, then during Mars dasha native will acquire a kingdom. He will become a king and destroy of his enemies and will possess many vehicles and a huge army and endowed with Power.

26) If Venus is placed in Taurus, Libra or Pisces sign and not combust or associated with natural malefic and placed in 10th, 11th or 12th house then during venus dasha, native will get many sorts of gems or ornaments, wisdom, huge prosperity, and name and fame.

27) If natural beneficial planet placed in debilitating sign, enemy sign or 6th,8th or 12th house then his dasha may be bad. If natural malefic in above position then during dasha they will be give incurable issues which is not sort out.

28) During mahadasha above planet antartdasha will be bad who is enemy of mahadasha lord, planet placed in his enemy sign, enemy of lagnesh. During those antradasha native may facing, fear from enemy or loss of position or transfer or leave his land, enmity with dear one.

29) If antardasha planet is placed 6th,8th,12th from mahadasha planet then it is not gives good results. If antardasha lord is placed good postion from Mahadasha lord then it will give good results.

30)  If planet is functional beneficial and placed in exalted sign then gives 100% good results, if in mooltrikona then 75% good results, if in own sign then 50% good results, if in friends sign then 25% good results, if in enemy sign then 12.5% good results, if in debilitating or combust then 0% good results.

If planet is functional malefic and natural malefic and combust or debilitating  then during his dasha, planet will give 100% bad results, if in enemy sign then 75% bad results, if own friends or own house then 50% bad results, if own mooltrikina sign then 25% bad results, if exalted sign then 12,5% bad results.

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