Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 4

Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 4 

31) We have to find weakest among following  a) Saturn  b) Mandi or gulika  c) Rahu  d) Lord of 22nd drekkana   e) 8th house lord  f)d9 lord of all above , that weakest planet during own dasha may be able to give death or death like situation. And basically during above dasha when ever Saturn transit in malefic then death or such type of condition is possible.

32)Dasha  of Strongest among iord of depositor sign of 8th house lord in d1 or in d9  or lord of 8th house lord in d3 or lagan lord of d3 may cause for death. More possible when jupiter transit to trine from sign where 8th house lord placed in navansh chart during above planet dasha.

33) If Jupiter, moon sign lord and lagan lord placed in kendra then native will be happy in middle phase of life.

If planet in shirshodya sign then it will give his most results in starting of his dasha.

If planet in ubhayodya sign then it will be give its results in middle phase of his dasha.

If planet in prishtodya sign then it will be gives its results in end phase of his dasha.

34) If mahadasha lord is strong in birth chart and during dasha transit to his exalted or mooltrikona or own sign then it will be giving strength to that bhav, in which he transit in lagan chart.

If maha dasha lord is weak in chart then if during transit goes to exalted etc sign then also not giving harm but not giving so much strength to that bhav.

It will be harm only when it is transit to his debilitating or  being combust or in his enemy sign.

35) If mahadasha lord is weak in birth chart, then during his transit, in which bhav he goes from lagana, native will facing issues to that bhav signifacant.

36) During dasha or antardasha of any planet, native will enjoying best results of dasha,  if moon transit to exalted, mooltrikona, own sign or friend sign sign of dasha lord or upachaya house or trine from dasha lord.

37) If dasha lord goes to his debilitated sign, combust or his enemy sign then it will gives his negative results. When dasha lord goes to his exalted sign, own sign or retro then it will gives his good results.

38) When ever during the dasha, Sun transit to exalted sign of dasha lord then it will gives his best results during that solar month.

In the same ways when Jupiter transit to exalted etc sign of dasha lord then that year, native will get good results.

When Sun transit to debilitating or enemy sign of dasha lord then native will get negative results.

39) Rahu will give results according to planet through which he is associated. During dasha of rahu, he will give results according to that planet significant.

But the planet who is associated with rahu, during own dasha will gives sorrows. Specially at the end of dasha, planet will give worst results.

40) 2nd and 7th house is Marak house. The strong planet placed in marak bhav or markesh dasha may be marak in their dasha.

Weakest among 8th house lord or 12th house lord may be become marak.

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