Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 1

Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 1

1) Results of dasha of any planet will depends on bhav where planet is placed, lordship of houses, conjunction of planet etc. In this chapter we read about effect of house lord and their results depending on their strength. All sutra of this chapter will equally importance to Mahadasha or Antardasha.

2) If lagna and lagnesh both are strong then during dasha of lagnesh, native will getting status in society, happiness, vitality, physical strength, fame, good and continue growth just like shukla prathipada moon is growing upto purmima.

3) During dasha of stronger 2nd house lord, native will get family happiness, getting good children, getting happiness of foods, getting money from his oral abilities, good speaking ability, getting blessings in community.

4) During dasha of stronger 3rd house lord, native will getting support and help with his siblings, getting pleasant news, getting improvement of his braveness, getting leadership of any army, improvement of self proudness, helping public for his living, his good qualities will improve.

5) During dasha of stronger 4th house lord, native will getting support from his relatives. He will getting success in his agriculture work. He will getting bed pleasure from women. He will getting profit of vehicles. He will getting new house or property or land or position and good happiness and comfort.

6) During dasha of strong 5th house lord, native will getting son, enjoyments with relatives, being secretary of king, huge reputation, getting best foods and doing charity of best foods. He will doing best deeds and getting honor and blessing  for his knowledge by reputed person.

7) During dasha of strong 6th house lord, native will destroy all his enemies, his braveness will be improve so his fear from his enemies is reduced. His disease will be cure. His behavior becomes boss type. He will gets awesome prosperity.

8)During dasha of strong 7th house lord, native will capable to purchase ornaments and clothes. He will getting happiness from women. He will enjoying relationship with beautiful women. He will organizing auspicious deeds. He will be doing some fruitful journey.

9) During dasha of strong 8th house lord, native will be free from debits, own growth, settlement of dispute, getting cattle who gives milk, getting vehicles and servants.

10) During dasha of strong 9th house lord, native will enjoying fortune and prosperity with own son and wife and relatives. He will worship god and brahman. He will getting blessings via king. He will doing auspicious deeds.

11) During dasha of strong 10th house lord, native will getting success in all his work which is started during that dasha. He will be getting happiness. He will getting name, fame, skills, growth and success.

12) During dasha of strong 11th house lord, native will getting continuous prosperity, meeting with dear one, getting servants, materialistic happiness, growth and fortune.

13) During dasha of strong 12th house lord, native will has expense on best people or best deeds. He will doing acts which reduce his paap karma. He will getting honored by king.

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