Eight House Lord In Ninth House

8th house lord in 9th house

1) Before knowing effect of 8th house lord in 9th house we have to know about Eight house and Ninth House. As 8th house lord placed in 2nd house from own house so you may read First house lord in 2nd house.

2)According to Brihat Parasar Hora Shastra 

अष्टमेशे तपः स्थाने धर्मद्रोही च नास्तिकः।
दुष्टभार्यापतिश्चैव परद्रव्यापरहारकः।।  

General meaning of this shlok is when 8th house lord in 9th house then native is opposing  of his religion and doesn’t has faith on own religion. Native’s wife may be wicked and native own self is hijacker of other’s wealth.

Vridh Yawan Jatak 

When 8th house lord in 9th house, native doesn’t has little attachment. He may be involved in sinful acts. He may be harmful for living beings. He doesn’t has happiness of relatives. He may be devoid from religion. He may be suffering from mouth related issues.


3) As 8th house lord in 9th house is 2nd from own house and making 2-12th relationship which is not consider good relationship. On the other hand 8th house is most evil dussthan and placed in most auspicious trine so it is also not consider good. It is just indicating obstacles in horoscope which may effect efficiency of horoscope to produce good results.

4)9th house belong to father and 12th from 9th house is 8th house and its lord placed in 9th house so it is not consider good regarding native’s father. Father may has life span problems or may reduced life span of father. Native’s father may be physically weak or having health problems. It may also cause of unnatural death of father. Native’s father may be separate from native such as father may lives very far away place from native. It may also cause native’s father may has dispute with native  or doesn’t has a good relationship between both. It may also indicating native’s father may be involving in some secret acts ( it may be moral or immoral work depending on horoscope). It may also cause problems related to father’s wealth or obstacles to get parental property.

5) 9th house belong to religion and 8th house is 12th from 9th house, so it may indicating loss of religious values. So 8th house lord in 9th house is indicating native doesn’t has good faith on his religion. Native may be disobeying his religion. Some time it may also cause loss of his religion means native may be converted to others religious panth. If 8th house lord is well placed in 9th house then native may has such a deep knowledge of his religion so he may be know truth of religion. Native may be try to reform his religious values due to his deep knowledge. Actually this position is indicating native doesn’t has close eyes faith on every traditional religious activities.

6)9th house is house for fortune and 8th house lord which is natural trouble maker, placed in 9th house is indicating native may be gets obstacles to getting his fortune. Native may be suffering from unexpected life events in his life which may cause sudden downfall. Native may be miss his opportunities. More and one line simple sentences is Native life is full with unexpected bad events.

7)8th house lord in 9th house is indicating native doesn’t has a good morality regarding sexual activity. Native may be facing with relationship with his wife because his wife doesn’t has a good relationship with him. It may also cause a question mark regarding character of both husband and wife. Native may be facing problems in child birth.

8) 8th houseis indicating hidden source of income or gambling activities or immoral activities so 8th house lord in 9th house is indicating native may be involving in immoral acts for getting prosperity because 9th house is also famous Laxmi house which is indicating prosperity in any one life. Native may be eyes on others wealth and try to hijacked other wealth. Native may be taken bravery or doing such type of acts for getting prosperity. If condition is fully unfavorable then native may be suffering from poverty.

9) A well placed 8th lord in 9th house is indicating native may has intuitive power. Native may guess hidden matters. Native may earn through his Vidhya. Native may gets a higher research study.

10) When 8th house lord with 9th house lord in 9th house then effects may depending on strength of 9th lord. If 9th house lord is well placed then native’s father may lives far away from home town but have good relationship with native. If not well placed 9th lord then it may cause shortage of lifespan of native father, dispute with father, or separation with father. Native may be suffering from financial problems related to his professional life.


11) If you want to know about effect of different planet in 9th house you may read Planet in Ninth House.

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