Mars In Second House

                                              Mars In Second House

1)Before knowing effect of Mars in 2nd house we have to know about Mars and 2nd house.

2)2nd house belongs to speech, wealth, face, eyesight and family. Mars is tamsic planet. Mars belongs to aggressiveness, violence, rashness in nature. Mars belongs to passions, action and courageous.


3)Mars belongs to aggressiveness so when mars in 2nd house native may speak aggressively. So their aggressive speech create problem and native may be quarrelsome. Also they may show their violentic nature through their speech. Mars believes in action so native may be such type who speaking first then thinking. This attitude may also creating problem. Mars also belongs to loudness so native may has loud voice or loudness creating nature through their speech. Mars in 2nd house make native argumentative. But it may be possible their arguments is always belongs to wrong direction. Because Mars in 2nd house is also indicating native is not clever in speech.

4)Mars is natural malefic and Mercury (Skin karak) is enemy for Mars. So according to classical this conditions is not good for face and native will be not good looking or having ugly face. Mars in 2nd house is indicating reddish color and fair look. But native may suffering from face related problem such as pimples or such type problem. Actually Mars is a hot planet and when mars in 2nd house then obviously native may suffering from face problem due to hot effect of Mars. An afflicted mars in 2nd house is also indicating native may be suffering cutting or burning (May be sun burn type problem) on face.

5)According to classical when mars in 2nd house native may be poor or without wealth. But Mars belongs to passions and strength so when Mars in 2nd house native has passions to earn wealth. And native may earning wealth through own courageous . So they are very inclined to earning money and through this money making attitude native earn a lot of wealth through own efforts. They may also earning a lot of property through own self efforts. They don’t show their kindness in money making matter. But native doesn’t earn a easy money, a lot of hard work is also indicating by mars in 2nd house.

6)Mars in 2nd house is not consider good regarding family. But a lot of other factor also may consider for any evil effect. There may be problem in family or quarrel with in family or accidents in family due to mars in 2nd house. But without any strong bad indication nothing be bad happened in family. It may be possible a little quarrel between family members.

7)Actually Mars is tamsic so in classical it is maintain when mars in 2nd house native may be bad food habits (such as non veg or drinking or other tamsic food). But according to current time this is not so much mattered.

8)Mars in 2nd house is indicating Mangalic or kuja dosh.

9) Mars in 2nd house may cause for eye sight issues related to chornia.

10) Mars in 2nd house if not well placed then cause for loss of accumulated wealth via thief or fire or rowadry. Specially when mars is associated with rahu.

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