Next regarding Tara matching
(star matching)

Method ——  As we know that 3rd, 5th, 7th nakshtra from own is considered bad for
person. 3rd from birth nakhshatra
is called vipat tara . 5th from birth nakhshatra is called pratyari tara. And 7th from birth
nakhshatra is called vadha tara.
In details
1st is our birth nakhshatra (janam
2nd Nakhshatra is called Sampat tara
3rd is called vipat tara
4th is called kshem Tara
5th is called Pratyari tara
6th is called Sadak Tara
7th is called Vadha tara

8th is called Mitra tara
9th is called Ati Mitra Tara .
Now 10th is considered as 1st
11th is 2nd on show on ……………..
…………….. 27th is 9th .
We get 3 set of nakhshatr. This set is also useful in other matter of chart reading in a
person for behavior regarding results of planet in particular chart.
Again come to Point match making we make 2 separate chart according to boy and girl . Then we cheak in which division boy for
girl star and girl for boy star . If they falls in 3rd 5th and 7th to each other then it is called bad
and a tara dosh is formed .
If you don’t want to do this long process then a easy tricks is available. For boy start counting
from boy Nakhshatra upto girl Nakhshatra and for girl start from
girl Nakhshatra upto boy
nakhshatra and if is below 9 then
see according to above if more
than 9 than dived from 9 if rest is
3 ,5, and 7th than its indicating Tara dosh.
Method of point ——
Tara matching countain 3point .
If both boy and girl getting 3, 5, and 7 then its allotted 0point. If one to them falls in 3,5,and 7
then its allotted 50% marks means 1.5
If neither of both falls in 3,5,and  7 then its allotted full 3 marks.10384921_876583715698326_2565336983838943638_n

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