cancellation of Dosh in kundali
1)Nadi dosh cancellation
Nadi matching is consider more
important in kundali Matching.
When Nadi dosh is formed in a kundali a lot of people confuside
what happen but astrology don’t
run in a single rule there is so
many bi-rules run
simultaneously. So many time
this dosh is cancelled. Such as Nadi dosh is said to be cancelled
if These conditions are
mentioned below:
A)If both are born in the same
Nakshatra but the Charana or
Pada of Nakshatra is different, B)Nadi Dosh is said to canceled if
both have same Moon Sign but
the birth Nakshatras are
different and both of them have
same Nadi,
c)If both have same birth Nakshatra but the Moon Signs
are different 2)Bhakut dosh cancellation-
Bhakut dosh is cancelled if below
conditions fulfill in kundali
A)If the lord of Rashi is same in
B)If the Lord of Rashi(Moon Sign)are friendly with each other
C) If Nadi Dosh is not present in
the horoscopes, the effect of
Bhakoot Dosh is said to be
reduced depending upon some
other factors. 3) Gaan dosh cancellation—
Gaan dosh in a kundali is
consider cancel if the following
conditions in both kundali A) If lords of Moon
signs (rashi) are friend to each
other and difference
between Navanshpati of Lords of
Moon signs
B) the friendship of planets and due to the difference between
Nadis of the BOY and Girl
C) No dosha is considered in
kundali in the absence of Tara,
Vahya, Yoni, Grahamaitri and
Bhakut doshas In kundali Matching when it
score 18 point then it is consider
to marrige is possible. Apart
from 8th dosh neither a single
dosh creating problem in
marrige life . Matching with other factore also consider.
Cancellation of dosh also CONSIDER

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