Nadi Matching
Nadi Matching is consider most of important matching in kundali matching process. It is allotted largest marks in kundali matching 8marks.
Main purpose of this matching regarding child and health of child. It is consider when boy and girl having same Nadi than they may face problem regarding child and health of child . Some books also give different thinking but most accepted thing is regarding Child .
Nadi is divide in 3type depanding on there birth nakhshatr.
1)Adi Nadi-Person born with birth nakhshatr—-
Ashwini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Jyeshtha, Moola, Shatabhisha or Poorvabhadrapada
2)Madya Nadi—–Person born with Birth nakhshatr—–
Bharni Mrigsira Pushya Purbphalguni Chitra Anuradha Purbashada Dhanistha or Uttarabhadrapad
3)Antya Nadi——Person born with birth Nakhshatr
Krittika Rohni Ashlesha Magha Swathi Vishka Uttarashada Sharavana or Revathi

Now for matching if Nadi is same than its allotted 0 marks and if different than allotted 8marks according to there birth Nakhshatr .But also there is so- many bi-rule for cancelling this dosh. I write about this in my next post10384921_876583715698326_2565336983838943638_n

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