Gana Matching
Next regarding kundali Matching
6th step of kundali Matching is Gana Matching. It is allotted 6 marks . Gana Matching is done for matching temperament character to each other . My means to control over each other regarding tempar.
For this Our ancient divided 27 nakhshatr in 3 division according to there behavior when moon occupy in particular planet .
These division are
1) Dev Gana— person born in nakhshatr
Ashwani, Mrigsira, Purnvasu , Pushya ,Hasta, Swathi, Anuradha, Sharavana and Revathi
2)Manushya Gana — Person born in
Bharni; Rohni, Adra, Purbphalguni, Uttaraphalguni,Purbashada, Uttarashada, Purbabhadrapad and Uttarabhadrapad
3)Rakshas Gana—– Person born in
Krittika ,Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishka , Jyeshta; Moola, Dhanista and Satabisha

Now according to this allotted in matching kundali we allotted number between 0-6.
If boy is dev Gana then if girl is dev than 6point and Manushya than 6point and if Rakhshsa then 0 point and
If boy is Manushya Gana then if girl is dev than 5point if Manushya than 6point and If Rakhshsa than 0point.
If Boy is Rakhshsa Gana then if girl is dev than 1point and Manushya than 0 point and If Rakhshsa is than 6point.

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