12th House Lord In Eleventh House

   12th house lord in 11th house


1) Before knowing the effect of 12th house lord in 11th house we have to know about Twelve House and Eleventh House.  As 12th house lord is placed 12th from own house so you may read First house lord in 12th house.

2) According to a famous ancient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

व्ययेशे लाभभावस्थे लाभे हानिः प्रजायते ।
परेण रक्षितं द्रव्यं कदाचिल्लभते नरः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 12th house lord in 11th house native profits will be turns into losses. Native may be something gets profits through others saved money.

3) 12th house lord in 11th house is 12th from own house means bhavat bhavam position for 12th house. So its getting strength to 12th house means native vayay bhav is more powerful. Apart from this 11th house is also upachay house so 12th house improving his power. But 11th house occupy lord of expense is not consider good because its indicating expenses of native profits. So native may be very expensive person, he expenses more than its profits. Native may always suffering regarding getting profits in his professional life. If native is in business then its indicating native’s all profits may be expenses in different matters related to his profession and finally native may face losses or negligible profits. In simple views its indicating obstacles in profit making.

4)11th house belong to elders so 12th house lord in 11th house is not good regarding elders. Native may have misunderstanding from elders. It may also indicating expenses on elders. If badly affiliated then it may cause financial losses through elders or death of elders.

5)12th house lord in 11th house indicating native may have a few friends or most of them may be settled abord or belong to forigen lands. It may also cause expense of money for his friends circle.

6)12th house lord in 11th house is also not good regarding native health and lifespan. If 12th house lord is badly affiliated in 11th house then it may cause serious health problems for native and its may bring financial losses for native.

7) If 12th house lord in 11th house is well placed in 12th house then native may be earn through forigen sources. Native may be earn through sea metarial or from sea stones.

8) When 11th house lord with 12th house lord in 11th house then it may impact on native health. If 11th house lord is strong then native may be earns good and enjoying a luxurious life. Native may be a charitable person and doing good charity. Native may makes hospital and earnings through that. Native may be earnings through forigen country.
If 11th lord is weak in comparison to 12th house lord then native may be expense more than his earnings. It may cause financial setbacks. Native may not successful in his venture. Native may be suffering losses from unnatural incident such as fire, theif, accident etc. Native may be suffering misunderstanding with his elders. It may also cause loss of his elders.

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