Second House Lord In First House


          2nd House Lord In 1st House
1)Before knowing effect of 2nd house lord in 1st house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and Dhan Bhav. As 2nd house lord is placed in 1st house which is 12th from own house so you may read this First house lord in 12th house .

2)As 2nd house is belongs to wealth and its lord is placed in lagan so native may be wealthy and rich. So 2nd lord is consider very good regarding wealth matter.As lagan belongs to own self so 2nd lord placed in lagan indicating native have to earn wealth through own efforts,  own knowledge , own capacity ,own wisdom and own intelligences.

3) 2nd lord in 1st house indicating it is placed in 12th from own house which means expenses of wealth but 1st house belongs to own self so native may expenses on own self.So native enjoying all comfort of his money and luxurious life. But the other hand he don’t waste his money for others. So native may be selfish regarding money matter.

4)2nd house belongs to speech and its lord placed in lagan away 12th house from own self which shows expenses of speech regarding own self. So native may be very aggressive regarding self promotion through his speech. He like to talk about own self. If 2nd lord is good placed then native have excellent speaking abilities. If 2nd lord is afflicted then may have trouble in speech such as hessition in speaking.Native may be volatility in speaking or may be rough speech.

5)2nd house is called Marak house and its lord is markes so 2nd lord in 1st house indicating markes  is placed in lagan. So 2nd lord don’t afflicted in 1st house. If it is afflicted then it may cause for health problems or life span problem or physical disability. For example if 2nd lord is natural melific then not so much good for heath (because natural melific is not consider good for health until they are not in own sign, mooltrikona, excellent, friendly sign). If 2nd lord in 1st house  is establishing relationships with dussthan (6th,3rd,8th,12th) house may cause for health or lifespan problem. If it is well placed then reduce evil effect.

6)As we know that Laganesh in 12th house indicating native may have doubtable nature. So 2nd lord in 1st house indicating native may have doubtable nature regarding own wealth. He may be very sensitive regarding own wealth . it may possible he suffering fear regarding own wealth.
2nd house also belongs to Marak house so its placement in 1st house indicating native may have doubt regarding own life. So native may be suffering from fear of own death. It may also indicating native may be fear from his enemy.

7)2nd house belongs to eyes so its placement in 1st house which is 12th from 2nd house indicating native may have eye sight problem. If Sun , moon and Venus is also afflicted in horoscope then native may have definitely eyesight problem.

8)2nd house belongs to family and its lord means 2nd lord is placed in 12th house away from own house which is lagan house who donate own self so it may cause disattachment with family member and native.

9)2nd house belongs to sanskar specially family traditional sanskar so if 2nd lord is well placed in lagan then native have good sanskar but if it is afflicted then native don’t have any well sanskar because 2nd lord in placed in 12th house which indicating loss and 2nd lord own self is in not good condition.

10) When 2nd lord in 1st house with 9th lord or Sun then native may gets parental property.

11) If 2nd lord with Rahu and ketu in 1st house native may be false speaker. Saturn also indicating same condition.

12)2nd lord in 1st house may also cause for more than one marriage.

13)Overall a well placed 2nd lord indicating native may be rich, wealthy and famous. And afflicted 2nd lord indicating health problems, false speaker, doubtable nature.

14) If you want to know about effect of planet in 1st house you may read Planet in 1st house.

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