Sun In Ninth House

       Sun In Ninth House


1)Before Knowing Effect Of Sun In 9th House we have to know about Sun and 9th House. So You may read this

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2)9th House belongs to Father and Sun is karak of Father. So according to rule “Karko Bhav Nasaya” Sun in 9th House consider not auspicious for Father. Native’s Father may suffering from health problem. If sun is badly afflicted in 9th House it may cause death of Father. There may be dispute between Native and his father.Native don’t obey his father and Guru.If Sun is well placed in 9th House then results may improve regarding positively such as native obeying his father very well manner and Father lifespan may improve etc.

3)9th House belongs to Most power ful Dharm sthan so when Sun occupy 9th House native may be religious and involving in religious activity. Native may be strong believer of God. Native may be spiritual or Adyatmic personality. As 9th House belongs to long travel when Sun is placed 9th House native may go for religious tour for visiting Temples,If Sun is afflicted or ill placed in 9th House then results may be turning toward opposite manner in regarding illness of Sun. Such as native may be not following his own birth religions and may be change his religions.

4)9th House Sun is also not consider Good for Marrige life because Sun from 9th aspects 3rd house of Kaam Kona which indicating lack of Rati Sukh(sexual pleasure).Native may not have good relation with his wife.

5)9th House is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house for children and Sun is Natural karak for Son so if Sun is well placed at 9th House native may have good Son.Native may get helps through his son,

6)Sun in 9th House aspects on 3rd house of strength or own efforts. As sun is Natural Melific and it is placed on fortune house which indicating native may got his fortune through own efforts and hard work.So some says its effect of Fortune of native because its don’t give Easly fortune but its quality of all natural Melific planet who don’t gives fruits Easly always needs Hard work But when gives then its a huge and just like “Chapper fad kai”. So Sun in 9th native earn good wealth through own efforts and hard work.And if Sun Is well placed then native may be wealthy and Luxurious life.

7)Sun in 9th House indicating native have Genral health and may be suffering from Mental stress(6th from 4th house and Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house of mentality or emotions).

8)Sun in 9th House is 6th from 4th house of property which indicating Native may got property through own efforts and got little amount of paternal property.

9)Sun in 9th House makes native very ambitious. Native have good communication quality Just like king means “Prabhutavbadi” Communication style. Native may have good friends.

10)9th House belongs to long travel. As sun belongs to temple so native may visits religious temple tour. Sun belongs to modern places so native may go for Modern town.

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