Ketu In Eight House

Ketu in 8th house

1)Before knowing the effect Of Ketu in 8th house first we have to know about Ketu and 8th house.

2)8th house belongs to Ayu (Life span) as ketu is Paap grah so when Ketu occupy 8th house, native may has short life span. If Ketu is well placed or aspects by beneficial planet then evil effect may reduced or native may has long lived.


3)8th house belongs to incurable disease or long term disease. When Ketu occupy 8th house then native may suffering from many type of disease. This disease may be incurable. Ketu in 8th house maybe cause for piles in anus.

4)8th house belongs to physical loss and ketu may be one of karak of accidents type events. So Ketu in 8th house may cause for physical damage of body or physical attacks on body. Ketu in 8th house may also cause of physical loss through Weapons.

5)Ketu in 8th house makes native tamsic. Native may be suffering from bad sexual habits. It may also caused for unnatural sexual habits of native. If Ketu in effect of sattvic elements then tamsic effect may be reduced or native may be detached with sexual activity or lives like a sanyasi. In simple sattvic elements controling tamsic quality of Ketu regarding 8th House.

6)Ketu in 8th house may cause for detachment or separation from his nears and dears one. Native may be quarrelsome. Native may has criticism quality. Ketu belongs to concentration and 8th house is belongs to hidden matter so Ketu in 8th house cause for concentration of hidden matter and native may quarrel for this hidden fears or hypocrisy.

7)Ketu is consider tail of snake and 8th house is consider as death house so it may cause for death through snake-bite or fears from snake.

8)Ketu in 8th house may cause for unsuccessful in his venture because it is 11th from 10th house (Karam) and 10th from 11th house(house for profit) and 6th from 3rd house (house for own efforts).

9)8th house belongs to hidden knowledge and Ketu is explorer of hidden matter. When Ketu occupy 8th house, native may has supernatural power of exploring hidden matter such as spirituality, healing of body etc. Native may has inclination towards tantra and mantra skathi. Native may has occult knowledge or doing occult. If Jupiter and Saturn support Ketu then Native may be an adyatamic personality.

10)Ketu in 8th house, native may has trouble through fever of body. Some time this fever may cause for death of native due to his involvement inĀ  wrong use of “Tantra-Mantra Skathi” and which generate high level energy which is not absorb by body properly so such type situation may be face by native.

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