Moon In Ninth House

Moon in 9th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 9th house we have to know about Moon and 9th house.

2)9th house is house of fortune so when Moon placed in 9th house, native may be fortunate. Native may be rich and wealthy. As Moon is lord of 4th house in kaalpurush chart and it is place in 9th house so native may be fortunate regarding all sorts of happiness. Native may having a lots of property. Native may gets helps of friends, relative and family including children. Some time it is also seen that native gets a changeable fortune means a lots of up&down in life because Moon in 9th may cause for chargeable fortune (Moon is changeable planet).


3)9th belongs to father when Moon occupy 9th house, native may be emotionally attach with his father. There may be a good relation between native and his father. Native may be obeying his father. Moon belongs to respectable nature so native may be respectful regarding Father,Guru and Brahmans.

4)9th house belongs to religions when Moon is placed in 9th house, native may be following his family traditions and rituals. Native may be emotionally attached to his own religions or mentally religious or spiritual. Moon is a watery planet and 9th house belongs to religions and also travels so Moon in 9th may be indicating native may be visiting holly rivers for religious tour or activity.

5)9th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house. 5th house is belongs to children so when Moon occupy 5th house native may be many children. he get happiness through children.
5th house belongs to Vidya and 9th house belongs to higher studies so when Moon occupy 9th house native may get higher education or native may has knowledge of ved, vedanga, puran or other religious book or shastra.

6)9th Moon aspects on 3rd house which make native brave, inclination regarding dancing or arts, may be knowledge of cooking or “lalit kala”. This may also cause native may having less siblings. Native may has full mental capacity, knowledge or intelligence.

7)9th house belongs to fame when Moon occupy 9th house native may get name and fame in society. It may also indicating native may involve in humanity or social activity. Native also may get success.

8)9th house belongs to long travel when Moon occupy 9th house native may go for short time long travels. Native may doing a lots of short journey. Moon is watery planet so it may also cause for foreign journey or journey of place which is situated other side of rivers, ocean or sea.

9)If Moon is afflicted and weak then results may turning towards negatives effects depending on horoscope and if Moon is well placed then results may be improving towards more positive.

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