Rahu In Sixth House

   Rahu In Sixth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Rahu In 6th house first we have to know about Rahu and 6th house. So you may read this

Accelerating Planet Of Materialistic World—Rahu—

Sixth House—Shatru Bhav—-

2)Rahu is natural Melific and as we know that natural Melific in 6th house consider good. So Rahu In 6th is consider good.

3)6th house belongs to enemy and when Rahu placed in 6th house its give strength or power to native to struggle from enemy and native may get victory over enemy. 6th house Rahu also indicating native may have many enemy and native may suffering trouble from enemy but native may win over enemy.

4)6th house belongs to diseases when Rahu occupy 6th house native may be suffering from disease. Rahu belongs to hidden matter so Rahu may give hidden type disease. Rahu In 6th may cause for ulcer in the anus.Rahu In 6th house may cause for disease related to Lips . Rahu In 6th house may cause for fears from Snakes. Rahu In 6th house may cause for problem through spirits.Rahu In 6th may cause for dental problem. Rahu In 6th also cause for mental instability. From which disease native may suffering depand on which planet is afflicted by Rahu or in which rashi Rahu placed.

5)Rahu In 6th in Genral way give mental strength to the native because 6th house belongs to ur Mental strength and Rahu is accelerator of house matter where he sits.

6)Rahu In 6th makes native Long lived. Native may be wealthy or earn good because 6th house is arth Kona and from here Rahu aspects all other arth trikona.

7)Rahu In 6th house native may be suffering in early age of life but continuously improve his position according to time.

8)Rahu In 6th indicating native have many cousins. It also indicating native don’t got support from his siblings.

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