Saturn In 6th House

                                                    Saturn In Sixth House

1)Before Knowing the effect of Saturn in 6th house first we have to know about Saturn and 6th house.

2)In general way malefic in dussthan may give good results for native. So Saturn in 6th house is consider good for native.


3)6th house is house for enemy when Saturn occupy 6th house, native will destroy his enemies. Native doesn’t has fear from his enemies. Main reasons behind it, Saturn in 6th house makes native very courageous so he is capable to crushed his enemies. But if 6th house Saturn afflicted by Mars then it may cause for fears from his enemies. Overall well placed Saturn in 6th house native may be enjoying enemy free life.

4)6th house belongs to disease when Saturn is occupy 6th house and well placed then native may be disease free life. Native has strong digestive fire and may be habit of over eating. If Saturn is afflicted then may be cause for Vata Dosh and may be suffering from Vata related disease. Saturn is also belongs to legs so native may suffering from legs related issues. If Saturn is afflicted by Mars or ketu then may cause for dangerous disease and may be suffering from operation. Saturn is tamsic planet so native may has some issues regarding sexual problem.

5)6th house Saturn is indicating native may be earn good wealth and may be wealthy. Saturn in 6th house is indicating native may be earn through Contract related work or Construction and from Mining related sector.

6)6th house is also belongs to Service house. If Saturn is afflicted in 6th house then it may cause for trouble through servants or employees. If Saturn is well placed then evil effect reduced.

7)6th house Saturn makes native arrogant. Native may has some sort of issues with his siblings.

8)If Saturn in 6th house is conjugated with another malefic planet then it may be produces negative results to the Native. Some time it may cause for incurable disease.

9) Saturn in 6th house is indicating, Native may be facing some sort of issues regarding taking loan or loan repayment. Because Saturn may delay regarding loan payment or loan sanction.


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