Rahu In Eight House

     Rahu In Eight House


1)Before Knowing Effect Of Rahu In 8th house we have to know about Rahu and 8th house. So you may read this

Eight House—-Mrityu Bhav–

Accelerating Planet of Materialistic Word—Rahu—


2)8th house belongs to Life span of native so Rahu In 8th may cause for Short Life span(But always consider other factore also to Making this conclusion). It may cause for unnatural Death. It may also cause for death through Snake-Bite or fears from Snake or death through poisons.If Rahu is wellplaced or benific aspects on Rahu then evil effect may reduced.

3)Rahu is just like of accelerating agent for that’s house where he sits so its accelerating native sexual desires so Native may be highly sexual or higher sexual desires.It may also cause for any hidden sexual disease.If Rahu is afflicted here then native have no morality regarding social conduct(speaicly physical behavior) so it may seems like native is Characterless. And its is also support by ketu which is sits in 2nd house of Speech which is indicating a harshly speaking native or having No “Sanskar”.

4)8th house belongs to long term disease or uncurable disease when Rahu (A planet of Hidden matter) occupy 8th house native is suffering from many disease. It may be possibility of suffering from a chain of disease where one is cure another is starting or it is possible that native may have a hidden disease which is not catch up easly. Rahu in 8th may also cause for Rheumatism.

5)Rahu in 8th house makes native quarrelsome. It may be due to harsh speech of native due to ketu in 2nd and 9th aspects of Rahu in 4th house(House for mind) which indicating increasing hiddency in mind. Means native don’t try to understand matter well due to his hidden nature but try to speech harsh due to his Ketu effect on 2nd house.

6)If Rahu is aspects by any evil planet then it may cause for Mental illness.

7)Rahu in 8th house indicating native may earn but expenses in simultaneously. So native may be suffering from miserable conditions. Native is suffering from a lots of sudden life events.

8)8th house is belongs to Disfame so Rahu in 8th house may cause for blaming to the native. Nature of blaming depand on rashi lord and aspects or combition with Rahu.

9)8th house is house for Hidden Knowledge or Vidya or research when Rahu (a hidden planet) occupy 8th house native may be inclined towards research or hidden Vidya or secret knowledge. Native may be inclined towards Tantaric or occult knowledge.

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  1. Pankaj Ji,

    my son is pieces ascendant with rahu,mercury and saturn(exalted) in 8th house aspected by jupiter from 4th house..is rahu and saturn in 8th house really bad…please advise

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