Sun And Venus Conjunction In Sixth House

Sun and Venus Conjunction in 6th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Venus conjunction in 6th house we have to know about Sun in 6th house, Venus in 6th house and Sun and Venus conjunction.

2) Native has good name and fame. He has very good creative knowledge. He will getting success in competitions.

3) Native has very good counselling ability. He may be expert in sort out dispute with own power and counselling ability. He will get victory over his enemies. He has many powerful enemies.

4) Native may be in government jobs. He may getting illegal earning via help of governments. He may be interested in politics. He may has financial dispute with authorities. As per as placements authorities may be in the role of enemies for the natives.

5)Native may be working in M.N.C. He may be doctor. His mama may be belong to powerful and rich family.

6) Native may has eyes related issues. He may has strong digestive fire. He may has abdominal problem. He may has heart related issues. He may has bones related or dental problem. He may be suffering from sexual problem.

7)Native may be sensual by nature. He doesn’t have good marriage life. He may be interested in another woman. He has ego problem with his wife. His wife may be egostic by nature and her father may be rich and powerful person. Native has lack of satisfaction.

8) Native may has issues regarding childbirth. He has more daughter. Native may be getting success in acting or another arts related profession.

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