Sun And Moon Conjunction In First House

Sun And Moon Conjunction In First House

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Moon conjunction in 1st house we have to know about effect of Sun in 1st house, Moon in 1st house and Sun and Moon conjunction.

2)Native has attractive personality and natural charm in his face. Native may be emotional and sensitive. He has short tamper. He may be impatient in nature. Native may be selfish by nature. He may be fickle minded.

3) Native may be suffering from pitta related issues. He may be suffering from fever, seasonal flu, digestive disorder. He may be suffering from mental stress, dental problem, neurological issues. He may be suffering from eye sight problems. He may be suffering from depression. He may has any sort of blood related issues. He may has any lungs related problem.

4) Native may be independent by nature. He may be full with ego and self proudness. He doesn’t like to serve others. He like to rule over others.

5)Native may be crooked by nature. He will shows cruel nature towards others but soft from internal heart. He may be inclined towards punished others on their faults. He may be harsh by nature, just like, he will tell the truth on in front of any one. Apart from this, native has some hidden or secretive personality.

6)Native may be natural leader. He may be interested in politics. He may be energetic. He may be intelligent. He may be kind and respective by nature. He may be wanderer by nature.

7) Native may be wealthy. but he may be suffering from financial crisis. He would like to comfort living. Native has struggle in initial stage.

8) Native may facing blaming. He may be suffering from humiliations. Native may be sensual by nature.

9) His father may has frequently travelling. Native will getting support by governments.

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