Phaldipika Chapter 14 Part 2

Phaldipika Chapter 14 Part 2 

5) Mercury belongs to following disease

  • Confused mentality
  • harsh speech or issues in speaking
  • eye related issues
  • troubles in nose or nasal or throat
  • fever due to tridosh (pitta, kapha, vata)
  • disease related to poison
  • skin issues
  • jaundice
  • bad dreams
  • itching
  • issues due to fire
  • issues due to hardship or hard labor
  • evil sprites or evil energy

6) Disease related to Jupiter is

  • Internal Tumors
  • Appendicitis
  • fever due to internal infection in intenstines
  • internal sorrows or moh
  • cough issues
  • ear related issues
  • Paralysis type issues or such type condition
  • Dev dosh or fraudulent acts related to temple
  • brahman dosh
  • shrap of kinnar, yaksha, dev, nag and vidhyadhar
  • punishment by guru, scholar

7) Disease belong to Venus are 

  • Piliya due to lack of blood or anaemia
  • Cough or vata realated issues
  • eye related issues
  • diabetes
  • hidden organ related disease
  • urinary issues
  • sexual disease
  • sperms or eggs related issues
  • disease due to bad women
  • loss of body charm
  • love breakup
  • fear from witches or female ghost
  • excess sexual intercourse

8) Disease related to Saturn

  • Vata or cough related issues
  • issues in legs
  • sorrows
  • harassment
  • uncertainty in mind
  • abdomen issues
  • internal heat in body
  • issues due to servants
  • loss of supporter
  • injuries in kankh
  • distress due to wife and children
  • loss of body limbs
  • heart related issues
  • wounds or cuts due to woods or stones
  • misfortune
  • issues due to goblin and such type of things

9) Disease related to Rahu

  • Heart issues
  • fear or danger from burning
  • leprosy
  • mental imbalance
  • issues in legs or artificial limbs
  • issues due to poison
  • issues from snacks
  • issues from ghost
  • distress due to wife and children

Disease related to ketu

  • Troubles from brahman, khastriya, and enimies

Disease related Gulika are

  • ghost, poison, pain in body, and issues due to unhygienic surroundings

Note :- We have to tell the disease by examine planet in 6th,8th, 12 and strength of 6th house and its lord. Disease may be possible in involved planet dasha or antardasha or 6th lord or lagnesh dasha and antardasha .


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