Phaldipika Chapter 14 Part 3

10) If Moon or Sun in 2nd or 12th house and aspected by Mars and Saturn then eye disease is possible.

If Jupiter is placed in 3rd or 11th house and associated with Mars and Saturn then native may be suffering from ear related disease.

If 5th house has natural malific planet then abdominal issues is possible. If 6th or 8th house lord is also placed in 5th house then serious issues regarding abdomen is possible.

If natural malific planet in 7th and 8th house then sexual disease is possible. If Venus is also associated with them then more possiblity of sexual disease.

11) If Sun in 6th or 8th house then, native will be frequently suffering from fever.

If Mars and Ketu in 6th or 8th house then Native will be suffering from wounds or cuts.

If Venus in 6th or 8th house then issues related to sexual organes is possible.

If Jupiter in 6th or 8th house then T.B. is possible.

If Saturn in 6th or 8th house then Vata related issues is possible.

If Rahu in 6th or 8th house and aspected by Mars then Tumor or carbuncle is possible.

If 6th or 8th house has yuti of Saturn and Moon then tumor is possible.

If 6th or 8th house has weak moon with natural malefic in watery sign then disease related to water or T.B. is possible.

12) Now we have to know how we can tell about planet cause for death .

a)Planet in 8th house

b)Planet aspected 8th house

The strongest among both may cause death.

If No planet is aspected 8th house or placed 8th house then death is possible due to 8th house sign natural significant.

Otherwise we have to Jujde death by 8th house lord or lord of 22nd drekkna.

13)If any planet in 8th house or any planet aspected 8th house then death due to that planet significant disease is possible.

If no planet is aspected 8th house then death due to disease according to 8th house sign is possible.

14)Sun may gives death from fire,wepon or fever or pitta.

Moon may gives death from cholera, watery disease or T.B. etc.

Mars may gives death from blood issues (polluted blood), fire, wicked black maggic, or via wepon.

Mercury may gives death via jaundice, mental issues, .

Jupiter may gives sudden death or death due to cough.

Venus may gives death due to disease which caused by sexually intercourse.

Saturn may gives death via Vata related issues or typhoid like fever.

15) Rahu is death karak planet then it may gives death via food poisoning, poison, small pox, or leprosy.

Ketu may be death karak planet then death is possible due to unnatural death, via enemy or via any worms etc.

16) Death is possible due to 8th house sign or Navansh sign of 8th house lord. Then object, or animals or disease related to that sign may cause death.

17) Disease belong to various sign

Aries – Fever due to excess pitta or bile, disease due to excess heat or temperature, abdominal issues due to intenal heat.

Taurus – Tridosh or disease due imbalance of kapha, pitta or vata, injury via weapon or fire.

Gemini – Breathing issues, asthema, issues due to excess heat and urine issues due to heat.

Cancer – Excitement, Vata related disease, loss of interest in any things or depression.

18) Leo – Fever, boils, attacks of enimies, injuries via animals.

Virgo – Trouble by women and secret disease given by women, falls from height.

Libra – Brain fever, confusion and sudden mental imbalance.

Scorpion – Disease of spleen, poisonous things just like Scorpio, jaundice, issues in boils.

19) Sagittarius – Injuries due to tree, water and wepon

Capricorn – Stomach ache, loss of interest, mental confusion.

Aquarish – Cough, fever, T.B.

Pisces – Watery disease and fear from water.

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