Phaldipika Chapter 14 Part 4

20) If 8th house is associated with natural malific( including malific sign in 8th house) and 8th house lord with natural malefic then native may be facing injury via wepon, fire, wild animals or snake.

If in Kendra house two natural malific mutually aspected each other then facing death due to displeasure of king, injury via weapon, poison, fire and getting punishment.

21) 12th house lord is placed in Navmasa of natural beneficial or even navmasa with natural beneficial planet or 12th house lord is associated with natural beneficial planet or 12th house lord is placed in own house then be getting easy death without any sorrows.

If 12th house lord is placed in cruel navmasa with cruel planet or associate with cruel planet or placed in his debilitating or enemy sign then his death is full with sorrows.

22) If 12th house lord is placed in exalate, own sign or friend sign or auspicious varga then native goes to heaven after death.

If 12th house lord is placed in debilitating sign, enemy sign or malific varga then Native goes to hell.

Some scholars says if 12th house has shirshodaya sign( Ge, Le, Vi, Li, Sc, Aq) then he goes to Haven. If 12th house has prishtodaya sign(Ar,Ta, Cn, Sg, Cp) then he goes to hell.

23) We have to decide next Lok of native from 12th house sign and Navansh, or planet in 12th house or 12th house lord or planet associated with 12th house lord.

If Sun and Moon then Kailash, Venus then Haven, Mars then on Earth, Mercury then Vaikuntha dham, Saturn then Yamlok, Jupiter than brahmlok, Rahu then another islands and Ketu then hell.

24) We have to consider previous birth from 9th house in the same ways which is mentioned in previous Shlok.

We have to consider future birth from 5th house.

The direction, cast and country of house lord or depositor of house lord will be indicating native’s direction,cast or country.

25) If the house lord in previous Shlok is exalate then native’s birth place is devlok. If debilitating or enemy sign then in forigen place. If own house or friendly sign or neutral sign then in India.

26) Country of different Planet are

Sun – Mountain and forest country.

Moon – Country which is placed in the bank of holy river such as Kashi, mathura.

Mars – Keekat Desh.

Mercury – All scared place or Punya place.

Jupiter – Aryavarta ( Place between Himalaya and Vindhya).

Venus – Place which is placed in Bank of holy river.

Saturn – Mlechhas( non – hindu) place.

27) If above said planet are placed in fixed sign and fixed navmasa with natural malefic or prishtodaya sign or adhomukh sign then native born as tree or planet or such type of fixed yoni.

If above said planet are placed in movable sign and movable navmasa with natural beneficial or shirshodaya sign or urdhavmukh sign then Native is born in best yoni such as human.

If above said planet are placed in duel sign or duel navmasa then born as birds like yoni.

28)If 5th or 9th house lord is placed in a sign where lagnesh is exalate or own sign or friendly sign then future or past birth may be human.

If debilitating or neutral then animal or birds.

If we can also check drekkna among those bhav to decide yoni of Native.

29)If 5th or 9th house lord in same sign then he born in own country in past or future.

If both has same strength then he may be born in same country.

From 9th house lord we have considered his past life colour and qualities.

From 5th house lord we have to consider future colour and qualities.

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