Why Are You Suffering From In Your Life

Some time we see their are so many Good Yog in horoscopes but native is suffering. Here we try to find inauspicious time of birth. 
1)When Sun is debilitating – When Native is born in the month when Sun is transit to Libra sign then it is not consider good for native regarding health, success in profession, problem regarding child birth,  dishappiness through family.
2)When Moon is debilitating – When Native is born during days when Moon is transit to scorpion sign, native may be not able to get satisfaction in his life. His horoscopes many Yog may be not fruitful.
3)During Sun Sankranti – When native birth time falls into period whenSun transit to one sign to another sign, it is not consider good for native. Actually during this time where Sun is placed not able to give good results.

4)When Sarpshirsh or Naag dosh is formed  – When Moon and Sun in closed conjunction in Anuradha Nakshtra (means scorpion sign and Amavasya day and generally Margshrish Lunar month) then Nagdosh or Sarpshirsh dosh is formed. During this day birth native may be suffering from health issues and unsuccessful in life. Actually those day Moon is debilitating and without pakshbal, Sun is more powerful to give melific results.
5)Krishnan paksha Chaturdashi – When Moon is not visible in sky means last period of Krishnan paksha Chaturdashi. When native is born during this period he may be suffering regarding success, lack of family happiness, separation with family.
6)Amavasya  – During birth of Amavasya is not consider good regarding wealth and marriage life.
7)Yamghanta Yog– When Yamghanta Muhurat is rising and native is born in Magha Nakshtra in Sunday, Vishaka Nakshtra in Monday, Adra Nakshtra in Tuesday, Moola Nakshtra in Wednesday, Krittika Nakshtra in Thursday, Rohni Nakshtra in Friday, Hasta Nakshtra in Saturday. This is not consider auspicious for Native. Native has very strong desire regarding Materialist things and will do any things to getting this.
8)Gulik Lagan is rising – Native is born in that Nakshtra when Gulika time is started. Means both lagan and Gulika degree is very close to each other. This will cause native may be suffering from serious health issues. He will suffering whole life.
9)Mahapat – When total of degree of Sun and Moon is 180° or 360° then it is called Mahapat. Actually this time both Sun and Moon will has same brightness or Rashmi. During birth of this period, native will be suffering from short life span, loss of prosperity, unsuccess etc.
10)Lagan is 22nd from Moon Nakshtra – When Native lagan is falls 22nd from his birth Nakshtra then it is not consider good for Native.
11)Decreasing Month and decreasing thithi – When Native is born in those days when lost of thithi is happened and lost of month happened.
12)In the day of eclipse – When Native is born in the days of eclipse, it is not consider good for Native.
13)Lagan or Moon in Gandant – When lagan and Moon is falls in Gandant then native will be suffering regarding success.
14)Vishgahti – In every Nakshtra some period is known as Vishgahti. When lagan or Moon is falls in Vishgahti time then it is not consider good for Native.
15)If lagan or Moon Nakshtra of Mother, father, or brother is same – When Lagan or Moon Nakshtra of blood relatives is same, it is not consider good for both regarding happiness purpose.

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