Gaj Keshari Yoga

Gaj Keshari Yog

1) When Kendra from Moon is Jupiter then Gaj Keshari Yog is formed.

2)When Kendra from Moon is Venus or Mercury and same time Moon is either aspected or conjucted with Venus or Mercury then Gaj Keshari Yog is formed ( according to Parasara).

But Yog making Planet is neither debilitating, combust, or in enemy sign.

Impact of Gaj Keshari Yog

Then Native will destroy his enemies just like lion. He will be sincere in speaking. He has good morality. He will be earned with help of royal person. He may be famous. He may be clever. He may be wealthy.

Point noted for this.

1) Neither Moon or Jupiter is debilitating, combust, or badly placed.

2) If above Yog is formed in Kendra from lagan also then consider more stronger.

3) If Moon or Jupiter both are dusthan lord then Yog is not so much effective regarding fortune.

4) If above Yog is formed in dusthan then less effective.

5) If Jupiter and Moon has more than 4 AV and placed in a sign where more than 30 SAV then Yog will bring awesome prosperity.

6) Moon having Pakshbal and Jupiter has good Shadbal then results will be more auspicious.

7)If Moon and Jupiter in vaisheshik amsha means in Gopuramsa or more than Gopuramsa then it will be awesome Rajyog.

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