Neech Bhang And Neech Bhang Rajyyog 

Neech Planet 

As we know that Sun is debilitating in Libra Sign, Moon is debilitating in Scorpion Sign, Mars is debilitating in Cancer sign, Mercury is debilitating in Pisces Sign, Jupiter is debilitating in Capricorn Sign, Venus is debilitating in Virgo sign, and Saturn is debilitating in Aries sign. 

Now before we proceed Neech Bhang we have to know about what is actually mean the word Neech. Generally in our indian system we pronouncing any body neech if he are involving in immoral acts, bad deeds or such type of actions.

In same ways we applied it for planet. Planet in above said position may give their bad or wicked results. Actually every planet has some good qualities and bad qualities. We assume that when a planet in his debilitating sign then he may produce their bad significant and reduce his good significant.

For example Sun is debilitating then it may cause high fever, very hot temper, lost his morality, lost his vitality etc.

Some says that debilitating planet is weak in strength, but actually debilitating planet is not weak regarding producing his effects. But it is weak regarding producing good or favorable results. Debilitating planet may be powerful in producing its results(regarding producing bad or evil results). Actually strength of planet is depending on shadbal and non shadbal.
Neech Bhang  or Cancellation of Debilitation 

Due to certain placement of debilitating planet and others planet, debilitating planet condition may be improved and he reduced his bad significant. This certain placement makes Neech Bhang of that planet or Cancellation of Debilitation.

Note :- Always keep in mind that debilitating planet’s Debilitation may be cancelled but it is not become just like a excellation planet. Means what ever the situation effect of debilitating planet must be their either minior or major. Just like a man whose hand is cracked and we surgery and its hand may be good and well. But some effect may be very very minor must be always their.

Combination For Neech Bhang 

1) If Planet is debilitating in Lagan chart but excellation in Navmasa chart.

Logic – Planet may be getting strength regarding his good significant.

2) If debilitating planet is aspects by debilitating sign lord(means lord of sign where planet is placed).

Logic – House significant may be improved due to aspects of House Lord. Thus we assume reduce in bad results (due to placement of debilitating planet).

3) Debilitating planet with Sign lord of debilitating planet(means lord of sign where planet is placed).

Logic :- Due to sign lord occupy own sign so its improving significant of sign and house, thus we assume debilitating planet reduce their bad effects due to improvement of good results of Sign and house where he placed.

4) If Debilitating planet is aspects by debilitating planet from 7th house means mutual aspects of debilitating planet.

Logic : Because both debilitating planet may oppose each other to produce the results.

5) If Sign lord of debilitating planet is placed in excellent sign.

Logic : Same logic house and sign significant may be improved due to sign lord placed in his excellation Sign.

6) a) If Sign lord of debilitating planet placed in Kendra or center 

  b) Sign lord where debilitating planet is excellent placed in Kendra or center.

If both condition may satisfied then Debilitation of planet may get cancelled.

Combination For Neech Bhang Rajyyog 

As we know that regarding Neech Bhang or Cancellation of Debilitation of planet. Now if the above certain postion may getting more improvement and turn favorable position then it’s become Rajyyog and know as Neech Bhang Rajyyog. Generally if above said condition may happen in Kendra either from Lagan or from Moon then Neechbhang becomes Neechbhang Rajyyog.

1) Lord of Sign where debilitating planet is situated or Lord of Sign where debilitating planet is excellent placed in Kendra either lagan or Moon lagan.

2) If  lord of sign where planet is debilitating and lord of sign where planet is excellent are Center or Kendra from each other.

3) If debilitating Planet is aspects by debilitating sign lord then he became famous. And if both debilitating planet and debilitating sign lord placed in either Center or trine (regarding above condition) then Native will be definately become king.( Either from Moon lagan or Lagan)

4)  If Sign lord where planet is debilitating and sign lord where debilitating planet is excellent is placed in Kendra(center) or Trine(trikona) either from Lagan or Moon .

Some other yogs from Debilitating planet 

1)If debilitating Planet is aspects lagan and it is functional beneficial for lagan then it’s indicating Rajyyog. 

(Generally functional beneficial planet is lord of auspicious house and natural friends of lagan or Atimitra or best friend planet)

2)If debilitating Planet in 3rd, 6th and 8th house and lagan lord aspects lagan from own house or own excellation Sign. Then native will be king.

3) a) If debilitating Planet in 3rd and 11th house and lagan lord is aspects lagan.

    b) If center from lagan and Navmasa chart has auspicious planet.

If both condition satisfied then native will be a power ful person.

4)If debilitating planet in retrograde motion and it is placed in auspicious house then it is consider Rajyyog. And if many planet in above condition then person will be definately king.

8 thoughts on “Neech Bhang And Neech Bhang Rajyyog 

  1. As per Uttar Kalamrita by Kalidas, if the planet in Neech Rashi ( Like Saturn in Aries) is retrograde, then also Neech Bhanga Rajyog occurs. Here the planet gives the result as excellent planet.

    Your comments Please.

  2. kanya lagna
    mars, mercury, venus, saturn in 4th
    sun, rahu in 5th
    moon in 8th
    jupiter in 10th
    ketu in 11th

    how much strong for politics.

  3. Mercury and Venus in Pieces. In lagna
    And Mercury in own house in nava asa.
    It’s beech bang for beech bang raj yoga ??

  4. I have Aries ascendant with exalted venus with debilitated mercury in twelfth house and Jupiter in fifth house is it Neechbhanga or neechbhanga Rajyog.

  5. Im in kumbha lagna
    Saturn and venus in aries
    Moon in capricorn
    Mars in scorpio
    Jupiter ketu in virgo
    Sun rahu in pscies
    Mercury in lagna
    Is it neecha bhanga rajyog

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