Venus In Gemini Sign

        Venus In Gemini Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Venus in Gemini Sign first we have to know about Venus and Gemini Sign. As Gemini Sign is 3rd house of kalpurush and Venus is placed here so you may read Venus In 3rd house. Venus is lord of 2nd and 7th house and placed in 3rd house so you may read 2nd house lord in 3rd house and 7th house lord in 3rd house.

2)Let’s we know from different classical book regarding Venus in Gemini Sign

Brihat Jatakam
When Venus in Gemini Sign in birthchart native will be a person who is doing work of king. He will be wealthy and have good knowledge of arts(singing, dancing, music etc).

When Venus in Gemini Sign in birthchart native will be famous for his knowledge in science, arts and sastra. He will be beautiful and sensual. He will in inclined towards writing. He will be creating poetry. He will be dear to Sadhu(good man). He will be gets prosperity through music, singing and dancing. He will be endowed with good friends.  He will be inclined to welcoming God and Brahman. He will have good affection.

Venus in Gemini Sign produces an eloquent, noble, and religious man. He is honorable to gods and Brahmanas. He is grateful in nature. He is person who is delighting in knowledge of sastra, in the meaning of the sciences, and in the arts.
He is kindly by nature and is always affectionate by nature. He have many friends whose friendship is blooming. He will be a man who takes pleasure in writing, transcribing, memory, singing, dancing, music, and painting. He will be expert in sexual intercourse.


3)Venus in Gemini Sign indicating native may have some feminine quality regarding strength. Native may be don’t like hard physical workout but they are good in mental strength.

4)Venus in Gemini Sign indicating native may be very pleasant in communication. He may have very sweet voice and attractive voice. He may be interested in singing, music, dancing, poetry and other arts related matters.

5)Venus in 3rd house of kalpurush and also lord of kaam kona and placed in other kaam kona of kalpurush makes native very sensual. He may be very attractive towards opposite gender. He may be suffering from sexual problems.

6)Venus in Gemini sign indicating native may be earn through self efforts. He may be earn with Venus related matters. Such as music, singing, dancing etc.

7)Venus in Gemini Sign indicating native’s wife may be fortunate. Venus in Gemini Sign indicating native may have more women friends. Native may be shows good friendship.

8)If you want to know more about Venus then you may read this link.

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