Venus In Scorpion Sign

         Venus In Scorpion Sign

1)Before Knowing effect of Venus in Scorpion sign first we have to know about Venus and Scorpion Sign. Again Scorpion is 8th house of kalpurush so you may read Venus in 8th house. Venus is lord of 2nd and 7th house of kalpurush and Venus is placed in 8th house of kalpurush so you may read 2nd house lord in 8th house and 7th house lord in 8th house.

2)Let’s we know from different classical book regarding Venus in Scorpion Sign

Brihat Jatakam
When Venus in Aries or Scorpion sign native will be sexually inclined towards others women. He may suffering from blaming due to other women and losses wealth due to others women. It may also brings stigma for his dynasty.

When Venus in Scorpion sign in birth chart native will have inclination towards enmity. He will be very cruel. He will be devoid from religions. He will be argumentive. He will be very wicked or fraudulent. He will be devoid from own siblings. He will not be fortunate. He will have trouble by his enemy. He will be sinful (papi). He will hate bad conduct women. He will be skilful in killing. He will have may types of debits. He will be poor. He will be proudly man. He may have sexual organs disease.

Venus in the Scorpion sign produces a cruel, hateful, and un-righteous (adharmi) man. He may be destroyed by his enemies and marriage with lower from caste. He will be a fraudulent man of much wickedness. He will inclined towards other men’s wives.
He will be without righteousness (dharma). He will be rejected by his own brothers. He will be gets disregard because of his character and his servitude nature. He will be fond of injury who suffers many debts, curses, and pains. He will be poor having diseases of the genitals.


3)Venus in Scorpion sign may cause native’s wife may have hidden nature or hidden behavior. Native may have not good marriage happiness. It may also cause loss of money due to his wife.

4)Venus in Scorpion Sign indicating native may have sexual problems. Native may have hormonal problems or problems in sexual organs.

5)Venus in Scorpion sign indicating native may have weak desires regarding sexual matters. In general way native don’t have good affection. He may be a deattachment type person. Native don’t have good relationship with his family members.

6)Venus in Scorpion Sign indicating native may be poor or weak regarding money matters. He may loss his money due to speculation, gambling, unnatural ways, or occults. But native may be good in business.

7)Venus in Scorpion sign indicating native may be facing blaming due to women related issues. Native may be suffering from mental stress.

8)If you want to know more about Venus then you may read this link.

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