Third House Lord In Tenth House

      3rd house lord in 10th house


1) Before knowing effect of 3rd house lord in 10th house we have to know about Third house and Tenth house. As 3rd house lord is placed 8th from own house so you may read First house lord in 8th house.

2)3rd and 10th both houses are upachay house so placement of lord of one upachay house in other house is consider very good regarding that house where upachay lord is placed. Means its strength natural significant of 10th house.

3)3rd house belong to self efforts and 10th house belong to profession or karma so 3rd lord in 10th house indicated native shows own strength in own profession. Means native is hard worker regarding professional life. Native may be doing own business or own work. Native gets success in own profession through own power.

4) As 3rd house belong to communication so its Lord placed in 10th which is house of profession this may be indicating native may be working in any communication related profession. Such as telecommunications, post office, railway, transportation, or other communications fields.

5)As  3rd house belong to physical strength and stamina so 3rd house lord in 10th indicating native may be physical worker . 3rd house also belong to singing , dance, music so native may be earn through this type of fields.

6) 3rd house is placed 8th from own house and  it is 6th from 10th house so 3rd lord in 8th house may indicate native may have secret source of income or native may have own secret formula in business or profession or his behavior may be secret in profession.

7)3rd house belong to Travel house so its lord in 3rd house indicated native may doing business related traveling.

8)3rd house belong to younger siblings so well placed 3rd lord in 10th house indicating his brother may be successful in his life. Brother may help native in his profession.

9)3rd house is a kaam kona and its Lord placed 8th from own house indicated native may have not so much interest in sexual activity.

10)3rd house lord in 10th may be caused native wife may be unfaithful or may be quarrelsome.

11) If 10th lord or 10th house is affiliated then Native may doing immoral or wrong deeds.

12)If 10th lord with 3rd lord in 10th house then Native may be suffering from humiliation (because both afflicted each other due to 6th-8th relationship). Native may be unsuccessful. Native may have not aim of life or not stable professional life. Brother may doing immoral work and may be wealthy. If this combination is good or well placed or in yog then bad effect may reduced and results may be good. If 10th lord is strongly placed then Native may gets success in politics.

13) If you want to know about effect of planet in 10th house you may read Planet in 10th house.

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  1. Dear Sir, I have Mithun lagna kundli. in which in 10th house there is sun, budh, shukra and ketu. and in 3rd house there is Shani ( vakri ) . at present I am going tho ketu mahadasha. like to know how will this react. I also like to know – Kya muze padosi aache milenge.

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