Third House Lord In Eight House

          3rd house Lord in 8th house


1) Before knowing effect of 3rd House Lord in 8th house  we have to know about Third House and Eight House. As 3rd House Lord placed 6th house away from own house so we have to also read First house lord in sixth house.

2) 3rd house and 8th house both are 6th and 8th house away from each other so this relationship is not consider so much good. It may cause so many bad fruits except when this combination is well placed.

3)3rd house Lord in 8th house indicated native may be suffering from disease related to shoulder or spinal cord problem or ear related problems. Apart from this native also may be suffering from planet related to 8th house. If badly affected 3rd Lord may cause for critical or incurable disease.

4)As 8th house  belong to blaming so 3rd house Lord in 8th may cause for blaming. Such as native may face blaming related to murder or such type bad matters. Native may also gets sorrow due to false matter.

5)3rd house belong to younger siblings so its Lord placed in 8th house indicated native may have not good relationship with his siblings. Because 8th house is dussthan for native and it is  6th house(enemy house) away from 3rd house so native and siblings may be enemy for each other. As 8th house belong to will so it may be possible native may face problems related to  will through his  younger siblings. If it is heavily affiliates in 8th house it may cause death of younger siblings. Otherwise it may cause health related problems to younger siblings or any sudden event such as accident etc to younger siblings. If 3rd house Lord is well placed in 8th house then evil effect may reduced.

6)8th house is also important regarding marriage life so placement of 3rd Lord in 8th house is not consider good regarding marriage life. Native may face problems in marriage life.

7)8th house belong to misfortune so 3rd Lord in 8th house indicated native may be suffering from misfortune. So native may be face very up and down his life means life don’t run in proper way.

8)As 3rd is our staima so its Lord placed in 8th may cause native may not so much staima. It may cause defects from enemy or native may lives in  fear. If well placed then evil effect may reduced.

9)If 3rd Lord with 8th Lord in 8th house then it is not considered good due to increased of bad effect of 8th house. Native may have suffering from fears and may be defects from enemy. Native have not good physical constitution. He may be suffering to bad phase of life. Don’t have good relationship with younger siblings. Brother may behave like enemy. It may also cause death of siblings. If both are well placed then evil effect may reduced.

10)If you want to know about effect of planet in 8th house you may read Planet in 8th house.

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