Jupiter In First House

Jupiter In 1st House 

1)Before Knowing the Effect of Jupiter first we have to Know about Jupiter and 1st House.

2) Jupiter in 1st house basically effect our body physique, health, brain, nature and behavior.

3)Jupiter belongs to tall height so Jupiter in 1st house is indicating native may be tall in height.
4)Jupiter in 1st house is indicating fair color so native may has fair look.
5)Jupiter belong to sincerity so native look is sincere.
6) Jupiter in 1st house makes native handsome and attractive person. Jupiter belongs to fat tissue so it is also indicating native may has healthy body.

7)Generally Jupiter in 1st house is indicating native enjoying good health. He may be long lived. According to old classical  Jupiter in 1st house act like grace of god so it is a antidotes for all evil effect in horoscope.
8)Generally Jupiter is indicating kapha dosh so native may suffering from kapha dosh. Jupiter belongs to abdomen and fat tissue so native may suffering from fat issue. But in general Jupiter in 1st house is indicating good and sound health.
8)Jupiter is Sattvic in quality so native may be Sattvic from brain. Means they are kind, helpful, good in conduct, religious from brain. He has fears from God. He is honest and truthful.
9)Jupiter belongs to Sama (counseling) nithi so Jupiter in 1st house is indicating person may has counseling type nature means try to resolve matter through counselling.
10)Jupiter belongs to mild in temper so Jupiter in 1st house is indicating native may has mild or soft nature.
11)Jupiter is natural karak of wisdom native may be wise and hopeful in nature. So native is energetic and jolly in nature.
12)Jupiter in 1st house also give materialistic attitudes or inclinations toward materialistic matter (Jupiter is also karak of wealth ).
13)Jupiter in 1st house also make native to learned person.
14)Jupiter is belongs to growth so native may gets good growth in their life. Over all Jupiter in 1st house is consider very good.

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