Mercury In First House

Mercury In 1st HouseĀ 

1)Before knowing effect of Mercury In 1st House we have must know about 1st House and Mercury.

2)As you know that basically 1st House Mercury effect our body Physique, Health, Brain, Nature and Behavior.


3)Mercury belongs to short height so native may be short in height.

4)Mercury belongs to charming skin so native may be charming in look or handsome. He has natural charm in body skin. So Mercury in 1st house makes native handsome in looking.

5)Mercury belongs to prince so Native has young looking.

6)Mercury is earthy planet so native has perfect physique (no lean and no fatty).

7)Generally Mercury in 1st house is indicating native may enjoying good health. But if mercury in bad influence then it may indicating skin problem, nerves problem or mental problem. Mercury ruled Sama dosh (Mixed dosh) so native may suffering from mixed problem. But all this due to afflicted mercury. Basically mercury in 1st house is indicating good health.

8) According to classical mercury in 1st house is indicating native may be long lived.

9)Mercury is planet which is karak of speech so when Mercury in 1st house, native may be soft in speaking and having a skillful speaking ability. They are good in quick response through speech. Means they are expert in speaking.

10)Mercury is karak of intelligence so mercury in 1st house makes native intelligent by brain. So Native may be good in learning. He may be skillful. He may be good in mathematics (because mercury is karak of tricky matters). Means native may be experts in using tricks.

11)According to old classic when mercury placed in 1st house native may learned in all the shastra. So mercury in 1st house is indicating native may get good education. He may be highly qualified.

12) Mercury is Karak of oral knowledge so Mercury in 1st house is indicating native may be great in oral learning (because old day method of learning is oral way). So Native may be good in poetry or other such type things.

13)Mercury in 1st house give native to mental strength so Native may be good in multitasking.

14)According to Phaldipika mercury in 1st house make native to good in Astrology.

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  1. Sir..i am ur follower in astrological readings .. it’s always great…..ur predictions are absolutely true….. U r a gift to Vedic astrology

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