Jupiter In Sagittarius Sign

         Jupiter In Sagittarius Sign

1)Before knowing the effect of Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign we have to know about Lord of Sky Jupiter and Sagittarius Sign. As Sagittarius Sign is 9th house of kalpurush and Jupiter is placed here so you may read Jupiter in 9th house.  Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th house of kalpurush and placed in 9th house so you may read 9th house lord in 9th house and 12th house lord in 9th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign

Brihat Jatakam
When Jupiter in own house(Sagittarius and Pisces) in birth chart native may be head of town or something like that (मण्डलाधीश). He may be secretary of king or Commender in chief and wealthy.

When Jupiter in Sagittarius sign in horoscope Native will be teacher (आचार्य) and inclined towards religious ritual, religious tradition, and religious fire performance ( व्रत, दीक्षा, यज्ञ). He will have fixed or long lasting wealth. He will be charitable.  He will be friendly with own person. He will be fond of helping others. He will be inclined towards shruti ( vedic traditional knowledge). He will be head of town (मण्डलाधीश) or minister. He will be lives in many countries. He will be likes loneliness. He will be visiting religious place.

When Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign in birth chart native will be fond of service (means helpful). He will be attached to sacred tradition (shruti or vedic knowledge) and dharma.  He will be teacher of sacrifes and vows( means teacher of religious vedic knowledge) and  he have very clear knowledge. He will be a nobel and generous man who have many friends and allies. He will be lives in many regions and countries. He will gets pleasure in lonely pilgrimage of temples. He will be a peaceful man who is not attached to starting business. His desires may be pomp, intrusions, sacred tradition and learnings.


3)Jupiter is karak of wisdom and it is placed in own mooltrikona sign so native may have good wisdom. As Jupiter in firey sign so he may be aggressive from wisdom. Native may be philosopher. As Jupiter is karak of knowledge and placed in own sign so native may be have very clear knowledge of any matters. Jupiter is karak of children and it is placed in own house so native may be blessed by children.

4)Jupiter is 9th house lord of kalpurush and placed in own house so it may be Indicating native may be gets good prosperity. He may be wealthy and rich. Native may be gets higher education and also gets good traditional vidya.

5)Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be very religious. He may be popular within own area. Native may have good health.

6)Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign indicating native may be interested in forigen travel and religious traveling. Native may be charitable and doing good deeds for society.

7)Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign indicating native father may also fortunate man and he may enjoying good life with comfortability.

8)If you want to know more about Jupiter then you may read this.

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