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Jupiter In Ninth House

Jupiter in 9th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Jupiter in 9th house first we have to know about Jupiter and 9th house.

2)Jupiter in 9th house is consider very auspicious regarding every significant of Jupiter and 9th house. In Kalpurush chart 9th house is Sagittarius and its lord is Jupiter so when Jupiter occupy 9th house it is increasing significant of 9th house.


3)9th house belongs to fortune and Jupiter is karak of fortune so native may has good fortune. So native may get all sort of physical, materialistic or spiritual happiness. Means Native may be wealthy and rich on the other hand religious and spiritual.

4)9th house belongs to father so when Jupiter occupy 9th house, native’s father may also kind and having good happiness of life. Native has good relation with his father and native respect his father. It may also indicating native’s father may get respect in society.

5)9th house belongs to religion or dharm trikona. So when lord of dharma Jupiter placed in 9th house so native may be inclinations regarding religious and spiritual activity or may be religious or spiritual personality. Native has good knowledge of religious rituals. Jupiter in 9th house is indicating native may go for religious travel.

6)Jupiter in 9th house aspects on 1st house(Lagan house) so as natural benefice, Jupiter gives strength to 1st house. So native may enjoying good health and having good and kind nature. Or in simple meaning it is antidote for all evil effect on Lagan.

7) Jupiter is karak of children so when Jupiter occupy 9th house, native has many children and native may get good children. Native’s children have good fortune and native may get profit or happiness from children.

8)Jupiter is karak of knowledge and 9th house also belongs to higher study so native may get high level knowledge. So native may be experts in Ved-vedanga or other form of Vidya. Overall native may be knowledgeable person.

9)9th house belongs to Guru or Teacher when Jupiter occupy 9th house native may has good knowledge. Native may be kind and knowledge speaker. Which leads native may be good teacher and as 9th also belongs to religion so native may be religious teacher or religious speaker(Updeshak).

10)Jupiter belongs to ministerial post so when Jupiter aspects 5th house of Minister so native may be Minister or advisers of king, Government, Authority, Trust and other higher level organization.

11)9th house is Karak house regarding Fame so native may be famous for his knowledge,wisdom,Religious activity and other Jupiter related  matter.

12)Jupiter aspects 3rd house from 9th house which is indicating native may has good relation with siblings and aspects on 5th is indicating good relation with Child and occupy on 9th house is indicating good relation with father so overall when Jupiter occupy 9th house native may has good relation with all family and relatives and native may get respect or honor in all his family.

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