Sixth House Lord In Third House

          6th house Lord in 3rd house


1) Before knowing effect of 6th house Lord in 3rd house we have to know about Sixth house and Third house. As 6th house Lord is placed 10th from own house so you may read First house lord in 10th house.

2)3rd house belong to self confidence and your inner stamina and 6th house belong to your fears. And we know that any planet placed 10th from own house makes or giving  strength own house  so 6th house is naturally gain power. Now when 6th Lord placed in 3rd house native may be suffering from inner fears. Native may have not so much strength from inner. Native have lake of self confidence. More stronger 6th Lord in 3rd native have lesser self confidence.

3)6th house belong to argument and 3rd is belong to communications so 6th Lord in 3rd house native is very argumentive in communication. Native have always a argument for each action.

4)3rd house belong to self efforts and 6th house belong to competition so 6th house Lord in 3rd house indicating native may have to face competition in self efforts or own professional life. But native is naturally fit for competition because he is good competitor. Native may be kind and good morality when 6th Lord is well placed. Native may be brave for outer world.

5)6th Lord in 3rd house makes native lazy or don’t want to do hard work from physically.

6)3rd house belong to younger siblings and 6th house belong to quarrel or dispute so 6th Lord in 3rd house indicating native may have dispute with his brother.  If 6th Lord affiliated 3rd house badly then native siblings may suffering from health related problems. If 6th house Lord is weak then native may have not younger siblings. It may also possible mama of native may creating dispute within brothers when 6th house Lord is very strong. A well placed 6th house may also indicating native brothers or younger siblings may gets good success in his professional life.

7)6th house belong to disease and 3rd house is a kaam kona so 6th Lord in 3rd house indicating native may have some Sexual problems or disease. Because in horoscope 3rd house indicating your production power through sex or in simple language counts of sperms or ovum. 3rd house is also belong to ears or neak  or shoulders or hands so 6th house lord in 3rd house may create health problems related to that body parts. On the other hand 3rd house is our overall staima so 6th house lord in 3rd house may impact our body staima to fighting with disease so it may cause native may suffering from health problems.

8) 6th house lord in 3rd house aspects 9th house may be not good for fortune of native. It may also not good for physical health of father. On the other hand it may good for profession life of father because 10th lord from 9th house (6th lord of native) placed in 7th from 9th house.

9)6th lord with 3rd Lord In 3rd house indicated native may assume his brother may be enemy of him or dispute with brother. Native may have ears or throat problems. Native may have injury in ears or throat. Native have not good staima. Native have enmity with his friends.

10)  If you want to read effect of planet in 3rd house you may read Planet in 3rd house.

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