Sixth House Lord In Eleventh House

     6th house Lord in 11th house


1)Before knowing effect of 6th house Lord in 11th house we have to know about Sixth House and Eleventh House. As 6th house Lord placed 6th from own house so you may also read First House lord in 6th house.

2)According to anicient classical book sage suggested
षष्ठेशे लाभगे जातः शत्रुताे घनमाप्नुयात् ।
गुणवान् साहसी मानी किन्तु पुत्रसुखोजिक्षतः ।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 6th house Lord is goes to house of profit (11th house) Native may gets wealth through his enemy. Native is full of quality, brave and courageous, and have reputation. But may not happiness of son or may be suffering in pregnancy.

3)In general way 6th house Lord in 11th house is consider good due to placement of its bhavat bhavam house means 6th Lord is placed 6th from own house. Again a Lord of upachay sthan is placed in another upachay house. So it is good for native except when it is affiliated or in bad influence in 11th house.

4)6th house is belong to enemy and 11th house belong to profit so 6th house Lord in 11th house may cause profit from enemy. Native may get victory over his enemy or crushing his enemy. But when 6th Lord in 11th house is not well placed then enemy may cause loss for native or native may facing trouble to making profit.

5)6th house Lord in 11th house native may have such quality of speech so native may controlling mass. My means native voice have leadership qualities. Native may have good reputation. Native may be respected by all due to his quality.

6)6th house Lord in 11th house native may have very materialistic approach towards life. 6th house is belong to arth kona and 11th house is karma or profit house so 6th house Lord in 11th house native is inclination towards making profit by any way either hook or crook. So native may be wealthy and rich. Native don’t hesitate in any work for making money or to get success.

7)6th house Lord in 11th house native may be harsh in mentality or don’t tolerance any body. This may be due to aspects on 5th house of mentality. Means native is always ready for fighting or making quarrel or argument depending of planet natural quality which is placed in 11th house. As due to his materialistic approach Native don’t remember any body kindness or help.

8)11th house belong to elder brother so 6th house Lord as dussthan Lordship don’t consider good regarding elder brother or siblings. They may be suffering from health problems. But native may gets profit through his elder. It may also possible dispute with elder siblings. If well placed then native elder siblings may be legal profession, or if horoscope support then elder siblings may be Jude or belong to judicial system.

9)As 6th house Lord in 11th house indicating native may have facing problems regarding children. Native progeniture power may be affected. It may also not good regarding children health.

10) 6th Lord belong to mamaji so 6th Lord in 11th house indicating native may gets profit from his mama.

11)If 6th house Lord is not well placed in 11th house and 11th house is also weak in strength then native may be suffering from
misfortune, health problems, incurable disease, loss in his profession or earning, poverty.

12)When 6th house Lord with 11th house Lord in 11th house then if well placed then native crushing his all enemy, and get success in all his ventures. Native mama may be wealthy and native get profit from him. If above combination is not well placed then native don’t get good profit in his business or professional life. Native have not good physical or inner stamina to recover from disease. Means native don’t gets easily cure from disease. Native may have not good staima regarding Sexual power.

13) If you want to know about effect of planet in 11th house you may read Planet in 11th house.

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