Sixth House Lord In Eight House

6th house Lord in 8th house


1) Before knowing effect of 6th house Lord in 8th house we have to know about Sixth house and Eight House. As 8th house is 3rd from 6th house and its occupy 6th house Lord so you may read First house lord in 3rd house.

2)According to a anicient classical book
षष्ठेशेअष्टमगे जातो रोगी शत्रुमनीषिणाम ।
परद्रव्याभिलाषी च परदाररतोअशुचिः ।।
General meaning of this shloka is when 6th lord is placed in 8th house native will have disease or ill or sicky and have enmity with learned people and desired of other wealth and have eyes of other wife.

One another ancient book suggest when 8th house is occupy by 6th lord and melific aspects it then it may cause boils or wounds in body.

3)As 6th house belong to disease and 8th house belong to incurable disease so 6th house lord in 8th house indicating native may be suffering from disease which is incurable type. 8th house belong to secret part of kalpurush so 6th lord in 8th may cause some secret parts related disease. Such as disease related to sexual organs, bowel, etc. In kalpurush chart 8th house rashi is scorpion and 6th lord mercury placed in here which indicated native may be suffering from skin related problems because from 8th it is also aspects on 2nd house of skin. Native may have boils in body. 6th house belong to accident so 6th house lord in 8th house may cause wounds in body.

4)8th house lord is belong to life span so when 6th lord in placed in 8th house and it is strong then according to classical book native may have medium life span. If 6th lord in 8th house is affiliated then may cause short life span. But all this belong to strength of lagan because Lagan is the actual Pran so life span of your Pran also depending on your lagan strength.
By the way 6th house in 8th house must improve its natural evil significant.

5)8th house belong to sex or your kaam vasna satisfaction so when a upachay lord which is also upachay lord from 8th house  placed in 8th house native may be very sexual. Native are very inclination towards sex matter. Native may have immoral thoughts regarding sex and may have eyes on others wife. Because 6th lord in 8th house also afflicted 2nd house regarding sanskar from his aspects. Native may have illegal relationship depending on planet involvement in this combination. Overall it may cause higher sexual desire.

6)In kalpurush horoscope 8th house belong to scorpion and when 6th lord placed in 8th house means Mercury placed in scorpion so it may indicating native may be much emotional. Native don’t tolerate any body harsh speech and reacting very aggressively and emotionally. Native just take other words in his hearts. It may also possible native may not have good thoughts and mentality.

7)6th lord in 8th house indicated native may suffering from fears which may be in unnecessary or strong type. Because both 6th and 8th belong to fears. If well placed then native is very strong mentality and don’t fear with any body but others fears from him due to his cruelty.

8)According to classical book when 6th lord is placed in 8th debitsnative may feeling pleasures to giving sorrows to others. Means native have very unkind nature. Native may speaking rudely or harsh like cunning. Native don’t acts good.

9)6th house belong to debit and its Lord is placed in 8th house which indicating native may be suffering from huge debits. Native may not able to clear his debits.

10)6th lord in 8th house indicating native may have many hidden enemy which may create obstacles in his life path.

11) 6th house lord in 8th house aspects on 2nd house which may indicating native may have desires for other wealth. Native may be eyes on others learning. Native may have enmity with learned people.

12)6th house lord in 8th house also indicating native may not have pure character. Native may be involving in frauds, cheating, or other illegal activities such smuggling, spy activities etc.

13)6th house lord in 8th house also making Viparit Rajyog which may be fruitful during 8th-6th lord Dasha or vice versa (Mahadasha -antardasha or vice versa). Some time it may also give fruits during lagnesh Dasha. But don’t give results during other Dasha.
For Viparit Rajyog there is some restrictions
a)6th lord in 8th house don’t have any aspects of natural beneficial planet.
b)6th house lord in 8th house may have aspects by malefic then it is consider yog don’t bhang. But it is not necessary to aspects by malefic. It is more powerful when don’t aspects by any other planet.

Actually dussthan house shows obstacles in one life so when a dussthan lord placed in dussthan it may creating obstacles for obstacles of native. So it may become good for native when obstacles ruins by obstacles.
General results of this yog is native may obtaining materialistic happiness, Native may suddenly rise in life and gets success. Native financial condition may improve or free from all debits. If native may have any disease it may be cure.

14)When 6th house lord is with 8th lord in 8th house if condition fullfill then it may makes Viparit Rajyog and results according to explained above.
Other wise Native may be caused for incurable disease. Native may be caused for death.

15) If you want to know about effect of planet in 8th house you may read Planet in 8th house.

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