Fourth House Lord In Twelfth House

           4th house Lord in 12th house

1)Before knowing effect of 4th house Lord in 12th house we have to know about Twelve house and Fourth house. As 4th house Lord is placed in 9th from own house so you may read First house lord in 9th house.

2)4th house and 12th house both are 9th and 5th to each other which is consider good relationship. So 4th house Lord in 12th is consider good but as 12th house is one of trik house so it may be damage some good effect of 4th house.

3)4th house is belong to mother and its Lord is placed in 12th house of loss so it may indicating native mother may be suffering from health trouble. If 4th Lord in 12th house in bad condition or badly affiliated then it may cause for early death of mother. As 4th Lord is 9th from own house so mother may be religious lady. If 4th Lord is very well placed in 12th house and moon which is karak of mother also well placed then mother may be fortunate.

4)4th house belong to education and 12th house is travel house which belong to foreign land so native may go for foreign for study purpose. It may also cause for foreign residence because 4th house also belong to residence. It may be known by involvement of planet and its significant and other relationships with 4th house and its Lord in 12th house.

5)4th house is belong to happiness and 12th house belong sleeping so 4th Lord in 12th house indicating native may enjoying happiness of sleeping.

6)4th house belong to mind and 12th house belong to expense so 4th Lord in 12th house indicating native may have not rest in mind . Native may be suffering from fluids of thoughts. It may cause of mental stress . If 4th Lord is well placed in 12th house then native may be a good philosopher. As both houses is belong to moksh house so native may be spiritual person or religious from mind.

7)4th house belong to vehicle and its Lord placed in 12th house may cause for obstacles or trouble through vehicle. Native may expense his money for happiness of vehicles.

8)4th belong to property and its Lord placed in 12th house which is 9th from 4th house but 12th is also trik house so it give effect depending on position of 4th Lord. One general indications is native have more property from his liabilities. If 4th house Lord is affiliates then native loss his property. Well placed 4th Lord indicating native may have property in foreign land also.

9) Lord of happiness in 12th house is not consider so much good regarding happiness. Native may expense a lots regarding happiness matters but it is suspected native gets happiness.

10) When 4th Lord with 12th Lord in 12th house native may be suffering from mental stress. Native may facing vehicles accident. Native mother may death or suffering from big health problems. Native may live away from home to forigen land.

11) If you want to know about effect of planet in 12th house you may read Planet in 12th house.

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