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Fifth House Lord In Ninth House

5th house lord in 9th house


1) Before knowing effect of 5th house lord in 9th house we have to know about 5th house and 9th house.

2) 9th house is Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house so 5th house lord in 9th is a good placement of 5th lord. 5th and 9th house both are Dharam trikona and most auspicious house of a horoscope so it is one another cause to consider good placement of 5th house lord in 9th house. 5th house belong to past life good deeds and 9th house belong to fortune house so it is good to placement of 5th lord in 9th house. 5th house is also bhavat bhavam for 9th house so it is also good for 9th house occupy its bhavat bhavam lord. Overall it is consider very auspicious to occupy 5th lord in 9th house.

3) 5th house belong to children and its Lord is placed in most auspicious 9th house which also 5th from 5th house so native children may be long lived. Native have best children who gets good name and fame. Native may also become famous through his children fame.

4) 9th house for Father and 5th house is 9th from 9th house so native father may be also fortunate. Native gets happiness through his father or good relationship with his father. Native give good respect to his father and guru.

5)5th house and 9th house both are Dharma trikona so 5th lord in 9th house indicated native have good faith on God. Native is very religious person. Native is involving himself in religious activities such as organizer of religious trust or other such type activity. Native may constructing house of God means Temple or other such type building. Native may involving to religious work for helping mass. Native may goes for religious travel.

6)As 5th house lord occupy in 9th house of fortune so it indicating native may be naturally fortunate. Because house of fortune gets support by native past life good deeds. So native gets huge success in his life. Native may gets easy success in his life path and gets good opportunity in his life to earn wealth/ name & fame. Native may be rich and wealthy.

7) 5th house belong to mentality so 5th lord in 9th house house indicating native is kind and liberal. Native loves to help needy people. But native have power to oppose wrong deeds. Native may be good orator. Overall native is a Punyatma.

8) 5th house belong to vidya and 9th house belong to higher studies so 5th lord in 9th house indicating native may gets vidya up to higher study label. Means native may gets knowledge to ved and vedanga or such type of vidya .Native is very knowledgeable. Native may gets knowledge of stealthy( गुढ़)subject. In modern day this means native may gets higher studies in subject where needs a lots of tricks and calculations which don’t easy to learn in simple way means subject where always needs a instructor.

9)9th house is one of  Travel House so 5th Lord in 9th house indicating native may goes for foreign place or long distance travel. More probability for religious tour. Native may goes for foreign for obtaining vidya.

10)When 5th lord with 9th lord in 9th house then native father is fortunate . Native father may gets benefit from authority or government. Native may gets good wealth. Native gets parental property. Native gets happiness of father. Native may be guru or religious person having good status . Native have good name and fame. A well placed 5th and 9th Lord in 9th house may be indication of liberation from life (Moksh).

11)If you want to know about effect of different planet in 9th house you may read Planet in 9th house.

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  1. I have jupiter in 9th house in lagna and 11th house in navamsa. I am aries ascendant. But in my navamsa I am leo rising. I have mars sun and Jupiter in mooltrikona and saturn exalted. Sir is there any way that I can get moksha.

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