Second Lord in Fourth House

           2nd Lord in 4th House


1)Before knowing effect of 2nd lord in 4th house we have to know about Dhan Bhav and Fourth House . You may also read First house lord in 3rd house because 2nd lord in 4th house is 3rd house away  from 2nd house.

2)4th house belongs to matterlistic happiness when 2nd lord(lord of wealth) placed in 4th house it may give indication native use his wealth for own happiness. As 2nd house also belongs to family so native also expenses his wealth for family happiness. Native may gets all sorts of comfort from his wealth.

3)2nd house belongs to family of native and it is placed in comfort house so native may be born in a royal and rich family where he gets all sorts of happiness. Native may like to live with his family because 4th house belongs to native home and 2nd is family and family lord(2nd lord)) placed in house of home(4th house).

4))4th house belongs to mother and 2nd lord placed in 4th house which indicating native may gets wealth through mother. Mother may be helpful for getting materialistic happiness to the native. 4th house also belongs to property so 2nd lord in 4th house indicating native may gets maternal property. There may be good relationship with mother and native. As 2nd house is 11th from 4th house so when 11th lord from 4th house placed in 4th house indicating mother of native may be rich and wealthy.
Again 11th lord(2nd lord) in 4th house also not consider good regarding mother life span. 2nd lord is also Marak lord in native horoscope so it is placed in mother house not good regarding  mother life span. But whole results depending on 4th house strength regarding Moon(karak of mother).

5)4th house belongs to real estate so 2nd lord in 4th house indicating native may gets money through agriculture ,agriculture land, also income through property . Native may have good property. For income through agriculture we have to Jude this combination with respect of Moon and income through real estate we have to Jude this combination with respect of mars.

6)4th house also belongs to vehicle and 2nd lord placed in 4th house so native may gets income through own vehicles. So native may be involving in vehicle related jobs. For this we have to jujde this combination with respect of Venus.

7)As 4th and 2nd house both related to education so native may be highly or well educated.

8)4th house is belongs to native wife’s carrier house and 2nd house lord is placed in 4th house so native may have earning wife or native got wealth through wife’s working. Or simply native wife is earning for him.

9)2nd lord in 4th house indicating native have good combination of mind and speech so he talk very sincerely and capable to attract mass.(For just example Mr. Modiji have 2nd lord Jupiter in 4th house, I know there have a lots of other great yog in his horoscope but this in one of then yog).  So native may be good Updeshak .

10)Native may be earn through speculation.

11) 2nd lord is belongs to face and it is placed in 3rd house away from 2nd house which belongs to dussthan regarding 2nd house so native may be facing facial problem.

12)If 4th lord in 4th house with 2nd lord it may be indicating native may be wealthy and rich, he have all sorts of happiness, he may earn through property/vehicles/agriculture. Native is well knowledgeable,  and may earn through lottery . Native may gets a lots of mother wealth.

13)  If you want to know about effect of planet in 4th house you may read this Planet In Fourth House.

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