Second Lord In 9th House

             2nd Lord In 9th house


1)Before knowing effect of 2nd lord in 9th house we have to know about Dhan Bhav and Ninth House. As 2nd lord is placed in 8th from own house so you may also read First Lord in 8th house.

2)2nd lord in 9th house indicating native is naturally fortunate regarding wealth. He may be rich and wealthy.

3)9th house is belongs to religion so 2nd lord in 9th house indicating native is used his wealth in religious activities, such as going for religious tour, establishing religious place, organizing religious functions or rituals.

4)9th house belongs to father so 2nd lord in 9th house indicating native may have attachments with father. As 2nd house is 6th house from 9th house so if 2nd lord is afflicted in 9th house it may cause for death of father or any health problem for father.

5)2nd lord in 9th house indicating native may have Materialistic approach towards Life. Native may have enjoying  all materialistic happiness. Native may be happy.

6)If 2nd lord is well placed in 9th house then native may gets earnings through moral way.

7)9th house belongs to fame and 9th house and 2nd house establishing 6th-8th relationship to each other which indicating native may have doubtable or suspicious fame. 

8)As 2nd house belongs to early knowledge and it is placed in 9th house so it indicating native gets good education or practical knowledge. Native may have spiritual and inner knowledge.

9)As 2nd house is 6th from 9th house of father and its lord is placed in 8th house away from 2nd house which indicating father may have good wealth and he may be earnings it from immoral way.

10) 9th house belongs to long travel so native may earn wealth through long travel. He may also gets wealth through father or father is helpful in getting wealth.

11)If 2nd lord with 9th lord in 9th house native may be very rich, his father is fortunate, native earn in morality, native may have relationship with scholar persons.

12)If 2nd lord with 7th lord in 9th house it is not consider good regarding marriage life. Because 7th lord is placed in 3rd house from 7th house with 8th lord from 7th house. It may cause for more than one marriage or divorce or death of spouse depending on horoscope.  If this combination establishing relationships with 6th or 12th lord then condition may be more critical.

13)If 2nd lord with 5th lord in 9th house it is consider very auspicious regarding wealth.

14)If you want to know about effect of planet in 9th house you may read Planet In 9th house.

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