Rahu In Ninth House

 Rahu In Ninth House


1)Before Knowing effect of Rahu In 9th house first we have to know about Rahu and 9th house. So you may read this—-

Accelerating Planet of Materialistic world Rahu—-

Ninth House—Your Fortune House—

2)9th house belongs to father so when Rahu occupy 9th house it shows there may be misunderstanding between father and native because Rahu belongs to hypocrisy. If Rahu is not well placed than it may cause health problem for father or father may suffering from disease or if condition is worst then it may cause short life span of father.
Native don’t get profit from Father.Native may hate his father.

3)9th house belongs to Dharm trikona regarding religion. When Rahu occupy 9th house native may don’t faith on God and may involving in criticising God.Native have misunderstood the faith thoughts of GOD or Religion. But if Rahu is well placed then evil effect may reduce and native may have hidden and clear concepts regarding religion and God. Through his this clear concepts native may involving in spiritual progress and he may achieve at higher stage of spiritual progress very fast.

4)9th house belongs to fortune. So Rahu in 9th house impact native fortune. If Rahu is very well placed then cause for very good fortune and when Rahu is ill placed then cause for Misfortune.

5)Rahu in 9th house may cause for harshly communicating style(Because Ketu is presence in 3rd house of communication). Native may be involving in bad moral habits and doing unrighteous action because Rahu in 9th house got impact on 1st house(regarding Nature) ,5th house(regarding mentality) and 3rd house (regarding action) through aspects.

6)9th house is house for higher study and Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding Vidya so when Rahu occupy 9th house native may have good knowledge and higher study and have knowledge of hidden Vidya but native may suffering from confusion regarding his knowledgeable thoughts or Vidya.

7)9th house Rahu makes native wealthy and rich because 9th house is Lakhsmi sthan or Royal seal of treasury of Sagittarious in Kalpurush chart and Rahu is the accelerating planet of materialistic world. So Rahu in 9th makes native wealthy and rich. Actualy Rahu in 9th impact on native nature (through aspects on 1st house), mentality(through aspects on 5th house) and 3rd house of action so native may be money minded and do there hard efforts through both physical and mentally.

8)9th house is house for fame so Rahu in 9th may give native Name and Fame.

9)9th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding Ministerial Post and Rahu is belongs to Politics so native may be head of city,villages or town or more higher authority depanding on horoscop.

10)9th house belongs to long travel and Rahu belongs to Forigen place so native may go for Forigen travel.

11)9th house belongs to Bhavat Bhavam for 5th house regarding Children and also Rahu from 5th house aspects on 9th house Rahu is not consider good for children. If it is in Melific influence then it may increase Melific effect and if in influence of benific then reduced Melific effect.


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