Rahu In Eleventh House

       Rahu In Eleventh House

1)Before Knowing effect of Rahu In 11th house first we have to know about Rahu and 11th house. So you may read this

Accelerating Planet Of Materialistic word Rahu—

Eleventh House—Profit House Of Your Horoscop—-

2)11th house is Upchaya house and natural Melific is consider good in Upchaya house. So Rahu in 11th house consider good.

3)Rahu is consider a planet which accelerating materialistic matter of that house where he sits. 11th house belongs to gain and profit so Rahu In 11th house indicating native may ears huge profit and wealth.

4)Rahu belongs to Forigen matters so native may gain profit through Forigen connection.Rahu belongs to bussiness or industry so native may earn through bussiness or industry. Rahu belongs to illegal way so native may earn through illegal way.Rahu in 11th may also cause for earnings through agriculture and Farm house.

5)Rahu In 11th house indicating native may have less children.Rahu In 11th may also cause for ear problem.

6) A well placed Rahu in 11th house indicating native is Long -Lived. But native may be suffering from disease.

7)11th house is consider for elder siblings so Rahu placement in 11th is not consider good for elder siblings.

8)11th house Rahu makes native brave and courageous. So Native may be got victory over his enemy. It may also indicating native may be in Force or Military.

9)11th house Rahu indicating native may have many friends.And Native is good in friends making and good skilled regarding use of his friendship. Native may be flirting nature.

10)Rahu In 11th give native leadership quality so Native may be become leader speaicly of lower class.

11)Rahu In 11th house indicating native travel a lots because Rahu In 11th aspects on 3rd house(travel house) and 7th house(travel house). As Rahu is belongs to Forigen land so Native may go for Forigen travel.

12)Rahu In 11th house may give native Name and Fame.

13) Rahu in 11thhouse may cause for problem in marrige life.

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