Saturn In Eight House

Saturn In Eight House


1)Before Knowing effect of Saturn in 8th house first we have to know about Saturn and 8th house. So you may read this

Eight House—Mrityu Bhav—


2)8th house belongs to life span(Ayu) and Saturn is Karak of Lifespan so when Saturn occupy 8th house native may be long lived. If Saturn is own house,In friend house or in excellation then this conditions is strongly fruitful.

3)8th house belongs to long term disease and Saturn is Karak of disease so native may be suffering from long run disease.If Saturn is well placed then its reduced evil effect regarding disease.

4)Saturan In 8th house also may cause for Piles.

5) Saturn in 8th house may cause for relation with othercast women or inclinations regarding this. But final results depand on so many other factors also.

6) Saturn in 8th house may cause for legal problem to the native.

7)8th house is Karak house for Disfame and Saturn is also Karak for Disfame. Again Saturan in 8th aspects 10th house (House for social fame and aspects 5th house (House for Fame). So Saturn In 8th may cause for Disfame. If Saturn is well placed then this disfame converted into Fame.

8) Saturn in 8th house( in a dussthan and Saturn is a natural Malefic planet) aspects on 2nd house (Family house) and 5th house(Child house) so it may be indicating that native may have less children. It may also cause for unhappiness from children because 8th house is Fourth House(House for happiness) from 5th house(House for Children).

9) Saturn is Karak of Vata Dosh and 8th house is Dussthan and Saturn In 8th house aspects 5th house(House belongs to abdomen and abdominal part of body such as Liver etc) so native may be suffering from abdominal problem or digestive problem.

10)2nd house is Karak house regarding Eye and Saturn (A natural Malific) in 8th house( a Dussthan) aspects 2nd house so it may cause for eye problem to the native.

11)Saturan is natural Karam Karak when it is placed in 8th house then it is indicating native may be face a lots of trouble in his life path. It may also cause a lots of responsibility to the native (Because Saturn aspects on 10th house shows responsibility for society, and aspects on 2nd house  shows responsibility for family and aspects on 5th house shows responsibility regarding Children).

12) Saturn in 8th house may also cause for breathing problem or Breathing diseases such as Lungs disease.

13)If Saturn In 8th house is in connection with Jupiter then native may be involving in secret knowledge( Vidya) or involving in Traditional religious activities. 8th house saturn also indicating native may have intuition power.

14) Saturn In 8th house aspects on 2nd house(Voice house) and 5th house of Mentality and 10th house of Social image so native seems to Cruel through his Behaviour, Mentality and speech. Means native may have ruff speach and cruel mentality and harsh behaviour to society.

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