Venus In Eight House

Venus in 8th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Venus in 8th house we have to know about Venus and 8th house.

2)Venus in 8th house is consider good because it gives good results in 8th house. Native may be long lived, native may be rich and enjoying  luxurious and comfortable life. Overall native may be enjoying life just like King.

3)Venus in 8th house makes native travel lover. Native loves to travel a lots.

4)8th house belongs to life span. A well  placed Venus in 8th house is indicating native may has good life span.

5)8th house belongs to Mangalsutra so if venus occupy 8th house in girl horoscope then indicating lady will has all sorts of materialistic happiness after marriage.

6)Native may be Aastik. Native doesn’t Strong faith on God. He has strong materialistic approach towards life.

7)Native may be in government service or attached with any government works.

8)Venus in 8th  house gives emotional detachment because Native has more practical and materialistic approach,

9)Native’s wife may has health problem or may be more critical position depending on other factored also.

10)If Venus is afflicted and 7th house also afflicted then it may cause for separation, death or health problem or other bad things.

11)Venus is afflicted in 8th house it may cause for sexual problem.

5 thoughts on “Venus In Eight House

  1. hi pankajji,
    i am libra ascendant with mercury,venus and sun in 8th house with venus combust in own house(8th house) is it bad since ascendant lord is combust and in 8th house please say…

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