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Rahu In Seventh House

Rahu In Seventh House

1)Before Knowing Effect of Rahu In 7th House we have to Know about Rahu and 7th House. So You May read this

Seventh House—Dara Bhav–

Accelerating Planet of Materialist world Rahu—

2)7th House belongs to marrige and when Rahu occupy 7th House it is indicating Native may facing Drama or troublesome at Marrige Time. It may be in many form depanding on horoscop.

3)Rahu In 7th House native life partner may be from outer caste,outer cultures or from Forigen land.Native may be try to make relationship with such type of women. There may be difference between nature of native and his Lifepartner.It may be indication of unhappy marrige life because both are not cooperating each other.Native partner don’t have good moral conduct.If benific planet aspects Rahu then evil effect may reduced and conditions may improve.

4)7th House also a Marak house and when Rahu occupy 7th House it is not consider good regarding Native health. Native or his wife may be facing sexual disease(speaicly hidden disease because Rahu belongs to hidden matter).Native partner may be suffering from spirits problem or may be diabetes or unnatural matters. It may cause of unnatural death of native or its life partner depanding on horoscop.

5)7th House is Bhavat Bhavam for 4th house so Rahu in 7th may cause for Mental stress and may be this stress be due to Marrige problem or from Women.

6)7th House Rahu indicating native may be doing love marrige (depanding on other matter of horoscop supported). So it is consider Native(speaicly women) gives disfame to Family in old age.

8)Rahu in 7th House may cause for legal problem for native.

9)Rahu in 7th House native may be flirting type nature. Native have more attachment with opposite gender. It may also cause for more than one marrige.

10)Rahu in 7th House means native may be independent and comfort lover. Native may be clever but involving in foolish work. Native don’t belive in tradition culture.Native may be food lover.

11) Rahu in 7th House may be cause for Forigen stay because 7th house and Rahu both belongs to Forigen travel.

12)Rahu in 7th House also impact on Native profession due to Bhavat Bhavam of 10th house. And its effect may depand on Rahu conditions in horoscop. 7th House Rahu may indictating success in politics or industry or own work because Rahu don’t like work under anyone.

7 thoughts on “Rahu In Seventh House

  1. Pankajji,
    This gives a lucid picture about Rahu and 7th house. Could you also discuss what are the anti for this?
    Because I have seen Horoscopes where wife 7th house is with Rahu,Sat,and Sun, Venus but a very strongly we’d traditional Hindu family for about 40 years now.
    Please send a chart showing Rahu and Ketu”s status like exaltation,debilitating, Moola trikona, etc in the chart with degrees. This is not available in books

    1. It is not possible that each and every point, is correct. Because apart from Rahu, 8th other planet in horoscope.
      But note few points.
      1) Behavior may be difference
      2) Legal problems in professional life
      3) Sexual disease
      4)up and down in daily professional life
      5)Flearting nature
      6)drama on marriage Time
      7) Forigen or out side town connection

  2. Please also elaborate on :

    In each of the Rasis what is the status of Rahu/Ketu such as Exalted, Debilitated, Mooltrikona, Own House, Friend’s house or enemy’s house etc.

  3. Dear Mr.pankaj

    I am from Sri Lanka and in my horoscope I have rahu in 7th with moon and Jupiter in 1st with kethu. My ascendant is Cancer. And in my horoscope Sun, Mercury, Venus in 4th in Libra,And Mars in 11th, Saturn in 6th. Currently I’m in Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antar Dasha till 2019. Since 2014 I was planning to do some businesses but all went bad my family life either. Now I got slightly relief within my family life but businesses is not going well. Please waiting for your response about this matter when will I get good results regarding this.

    Thank you.

  4. What if 7th lord mercury conjunct rahu + moon + Venus for Pisces lagna where all are in 6th house …
    I read it might make a person hv inter caste marraige and would cause seperarion
    But rahu is the friend of venus and mercury so would it harm less?


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